Featured Author: Blaise Corvin

blaise-corvin2Blaise Corvin is a talented author who published his first book two weeks ago at the ripe ‘old’ age of 33. He has served in the US Army in several roles and has seen the best and the worst that humanity has to offer. He is a sucker for any hobby involving weapons, art, or improv.

Within just the first few days of publication, Blaise hit Amazon’s Bestsellers list and even to this day his book Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus is still hovering at about number 1,000 Paid in Kindle Store! Within only two weeks he has garnered 36 Customer Reviews with a ranking of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

I know you’re all dying to ask: “How did he do it?!!”

I’ve got great news! He’s given me permission to publish his success story!

His process was several fold. First, he began posting his chapters online. He started on Wattpad but wasn’t getting a lot of traffic so then he joined Royal Road. He also created his own website (http://blaise-corvin.com/). He says, “My goal here was not only to increaseBlaise Corvin Website.png my reader base, but also improve my writing. I believe I wrote my first book in about 6 months. When I went back to edit (for the 3rd time), I could see the vast amount of improvement I made. Keep in mind that I’ve been writing for 20 years too. If you aren’t getting a lot of attention with your writing, you’re probably not a very good writer or editor yet. I split those two skills up because they should be. In order to be good indie writer, you really need both skills (plus promotion).”

Delvers LLC.pngDuring the time he was writing Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus, he grew his audience on message boards, in chatrooms, and all over. He contributes most of his success to starting his own public LitRPG writing group to promote the type of stories that he writes.

“This allowed me to start making a lot of friendships in the community and increasing my exposure.” He says, “Even people who didn’t read my story knew who I was.”

All of his hard work culminated about 2 weeks before his launch date on September 19, 2016 when he let everyone know that he was getting close. I quote, “What this effectively did was ensure myself a better first day once I was actually published, and this affected Amazon’s algorithms. At the time I published, I had about 7k regular readers. Most of these readers read my less polished version of my story for free online. However, a number of them supported me, whether to see the new content in my published version or just to support the story.”

He also has a Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/BlaiseCorvin) which pays for all of his hosting fees and allows fans a way that they can to read ahead. But let’s be clear: He did this more to interact with his fans rather than to make money.

litrpgMore recently Blaise admits, “My series is probably best classified as LitRPG SciFan.
” LitRPG (Literature: Role-Playing Game) is a new genre that incorporates Role-Playing Game (RPG) gaming elements inside a story. This can be reflected in the setting, levelling up, adventuring guilds handing out quests, or any other number of elements. SciFan (Science Fantasy) is a forgotten genre that was coined in the late 1930’s that

scifan3“…gives a scientific veneer of realism to things that simply could not happen in the real world under any circumstances. Where science fiction does not permit the existence of fantasy or supernatural elements, science fantasy explicitly relies upon them.” [1] In layman’s
terms, the SciFan genre is a mixture of a contemporary modern world setting intermixed with dimensional travel between another world entrenched with elements of fantasy.

A summary of Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus is as follows:

seattle.pngHenry and Jason led normal lives in modern Seattle before they were abducted to another world. Their kidnapper, the vain, self-styled god Dolos refuses to send them back unless they can accomplish an impossible task. Oddly, Dolos doesn’t seem to care if they succeed or not. Luckily, Henry and Jason studied Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) on Earth. Unfortunately however, a Japanese-American Emergency Medical Technician and a geeky IT programmer don’t have many other useful skills on a sword and sorcery world like Ludus. Stranded in the middle of nowhere on an alien world, the friends have no real direction and only a few possessions including magic-granting orbs from an apathetic god. Undaunted, the two begin their insane adventure to return home… but basic survival and eventually paying rent will have to take priority.

Please congratulate Blaise on his success and go pick up a copy of his book on Amazon! You can find it here.

UPDATE 1/1/2017: Blaise Corvin’s new LitRPG Novella Secret of the Old Ones is featured in the January 2017 issue of SciFan Magazine. Get an exclusive sneak peek to his upcoming novella, and check out the exclusive interview we secured with him!

What is SciFan? Find out here. Do you have a SciFan story to share with the world? Can you think of existing stories that should be properly classified as SciFan? Let’s revolutionize the publishing industry and clamor for the debut of the SciFan genre taking the stage! Come join our SciFan Society to learn how you can participate in this growing movement!


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