Featured Author: M.L. Spencer

14488786_312808215761342_2092059871_o.jpgMeet  M.L. Spencer, a talented SciFan (Science Fantasy) author who teaches AP Biology at the high school she graduated from. Clearly, she just couldn’t bear to leave the drama and somehow got trapped there!

She is just as interested in science as she is in fantasy. Her knowledge of both biology and general science helps her with world building and also helps keep her writing grounded, adding a dash of scientific skepticism to the fantasy worlds she creates.

Her series The Rhenwars Saga chronicles the turbulent battle between 7038730.pngtwo conflicting ideologies of magic and the moral imperatives that drive them. Book Two, Darkmage, is already out and has won the IndieReader Discovery Award for Fantasy. Book One, Darkstorm, is a prequel which is due to be released in 2017 by Divirtir Publishing. M.L. Spencer is currently finishing up the first draft of Book Three.

The Rhenwars Saga seems like a straightforward good-versus-evil storyline. In actuality, that is very far from the truth. The underlying theme is the differences between two types of moral philosophy known as deontology and consequentialism. Deontology considers the morality of a person’s actions most important. In contrast, consequentialism is an approach to ethics that focuses on the consequences of a person’s actions: “The end justifies the means.” Because of this, the line between good and evil becomes very blurred in this series, which provides a fertile moral testing ground for Spencer’s characters.

The Rhenwars Saga draws heavily on science for its system of magic, as well as world-building in general. The planet has a magic field that obeys many of the properties of electromagnetism, including superposition, interference, nodes, resonance and damping. The planet’s magic field goes through polar reversals from time to time, just as the earth’s own magnetic field does, which can cause quite a disturbance when it happens. Her synopsis is as follows:

1762337870-1Will Darien hold fast to the moral constraints that shackle him? Or will he abandon his principles and become a darkmage?

Welcome to the Rhenwars Saga, the dark epic fantasy series that chronicles the turbulent battles between two conflicting ideologies of magic and the moral imperatives that drive them.

The Past: A thousand years ago, darkmage Zavier Renquist created the Well of Tears to unleash the hosts of chaos in an attempt to save his world’s legacy of magic. The result was the cataclysmic destruction of the kingdom of Caladorn, which was reduced to a charred wasteland now known only as the Black Lands. To safeguard against such a tragedy from ever occurring again, all mages of Aerysius were charged with an Oath of Harmony, binding them with a strict code of pacifism.

The Present: A 14488904_312811009094396_521475802_othousand years later, the moral fetters of the Oath of Harmony are starting to chafe. Aerysius, city of the mages, lies destroyed. The Well of Tears has been unsealed by a rogue mage, unleashing Zavier Renquist and his hosts of chaos into the world to bolster the strength of the ancient Enemy. There is only one Sentinel left alive who can protect his homeland from this sinister threat: Darien Lauchlin, a mage Bound by the Oath of Harmony. Darien has already lost everything. Now, the only thing he has left to lose is his soul. As the Enemy masses in numbers never before seen, Darien is faced with an impossible decision: either remain steadfast to his Oath and watch everything he loves fall around him–or abandon his vow and become the most destructive force his world has ever known. Accompanied by his acolyte Kyle Archer and Naia, a priestess of Death, Darien embarks upon a harrowing journey that will lead him toward a path of utter self-destruction. In DARKMAGE, the themes of romance and tragedy combine to create a provocative dark and epic saga full of suspense that is sure to remain on the mind long after the tale has been told.

1472611781The latest addition to The Rhenwars Saga has provided an enormous world-building challenge in the area of Science Fantasy. The setting is a land untouched by sunlight for the past thousand years, basically a magical nuclear winter. The effects of this circumstance on the environment and population are profound. The food chain is non-existent, resources are scarce, and agriculture is dependent on the few remaining mages who struggle to create enough light to feed a starving 1450745347populace.

M.L. Spencer plans for at least two additional novels to complete this series. You can follow her on Twitter @MLSpencer1 or Facebook

Please help M.L. Spencer escape the doom of never-ending high school drama by picking up a copy of her book on Amazon! You can find it here.scifan3

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