Featured Author: A. Lightbourne

14543410_10211198211618028_1475664864_nA. Lightbourne is a SciFan adventure and Steampunk Romance writer who began writing stories almost as soon as she learned to write. SciFan (Science Fantasy) is a forgotten genre that was coined in the late 1930’s that “…gives a scientific veneer of realism to things that simply could not happen in the real world under any circumstances. Where science fiction does not permit the existence of fantasy or supernatural elemen10917222_10206093340719446_203718758434380280_ots, science fantasy explicitly relies upon them.”

From her 1st grade ‘journal’ full of tales of rabbit adventures to her first full length book at 14. She has always had a love for writing stories. Besides words she also has 14124480_10210831138641433_2029490775273500938_oa love for tech. From an early age she built ‘bread boards’, soldering diodes and components to create such things as a light detecting alarm clock and other such …useless things. She moved on to building her first DOS PC at 15. She also graduated School at 15. Later on she became a certified PC tech.

A. Lightbourne has 6 books published and is working on the 7th 10920106_10206093341959477_6680967397138693010_o.jpg(book 6 of Space Trippers) with over 20 books waiting to be written, and more adding to it each day. Most of her writing is SciFan based (like Space Trippers) with at least one comedy adventure. Her Space Trippers series is a space adventure with humor. And lots of science fantasy touches like a ship that runs off of a ‘Lightcore’, which is a laser with 10924168_10206093342319486_5948880112354876004_o.jpgmirrors and solar cells. There is also a clockwork generator on one planet that is made from stone, and another planet has a mysterious spring that is operated by girls with a rare genetic anomaly.

The Space Trippers story revolves around the main character, 10887396_10206093344599543_775740572451821412_o.jpgValesque, but you get to see things from all of the character’s perspectives. Book 1 starts out with Valesque walking around her unfinished project, smiling and happy. Her good mood is suddenly interrupted when she spots groups of people with crew commission duffel bags congregating in the ship’s halls. Her world starts to spiral out of control as she realizes a corrupt Earthian organization, the I.P.A, has overtaken her unfinished ship and ordered it out to the war zone! Worse yet, they shanghaied her as part of the crew. Valesque 201589_2015428232255_7291840_o.jpgmust now figure out what has happened, while protecting her defenseless ship and the rest of the involuntary crew. Her troubles compound when she discovers that someone has also secretly installed her most regretted invention aboard; a space warp generating device, the Space Tripper. Soon she is befriended by a very flirty, ex-fighter pilot, a shy science officer and an air-headed android girl. But after the facts behind the sabotage have been revealed to her, she is unsure who she can trust and so must try to thwart the enemies’ plans on her own, while keeping her actions a secret from everyone else aboard. The story has a serious plot but also contains a lot of humor, especially when Tim tries all of his pick-up lines on 201517_2015430952323_1899857_oValesque and gets shot down cold every time.

Join the adventure with Book 1 in the series. All the books are episodic, building on each other in succession. You can even read part of Book 1: Trippin’ FREE from the link on her website! A. Lightbourne’s Space Trippers Books 1-5 are available as eBooks for iPad, Kindle, Sony and more from major eBook retailers.

Find A. Lightbourne On The Web and Social media at:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/A.LightbourneAuthor/

Twitter @Alightbourne
Instagram @ScifiAuthor (follow her here for the most updates on her WIP and other tidbits about writing and a writer’s life)

scifan3What is SciFan? Find out here. Do you have a SciFan story to share with the world? Can you think of existing stories that should be properly classified as SciFan? Let’s revolutionize the publishing industry and clamor for the debut of the SciFan genre taking the stage! Come join our SciFan Society to learn how you can participate in this growing movement!


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