Featured Publisher: Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing

I am very pleased to announce that the SciFan Capture-247x160 (1).gifMovement has reached a new pinnacle in history! On October 1st 2016, small market publisher Writers Exchange E-Publishing (WEE) joined the SciFan Movement by adding SciFan as one of the categories on their website! 47 titles were moved overnight to the SciFan genre, comprising the works of 6 talented authors who have all now joined the collective SciFan Society.

Sandy Cummins.pngWEE was first established by fellow author Sandy Cummins as a writing resource website called Writers Exchange. It quickly became a massive resource for writers worldwide and was even featured in some books! Sandy also had a monthly e-zine with hundreds of links for writers. This was how she first met fellow author Will Greenway, as he was one of her columnists. At the time, she received a lot of feedback that writers needed a publisher who judged on the merits of the book rather than necessarily the publishing experience of the authors. So, in December of the year 2000 Sandy established Writers Exchange E-Publishing. Over the past 16 years, WEE has accumulated many authors with their current total of 121, and now boast 435 published novels!WEE Banner.png

JennaKay Francis, Senior Editor at WEE is a storyteller of fantasy adventure, fantasy romance, dark fantasy and children’s picture books. She has been published in several local newsletters, several print magazines, as well as numerous online magazines in both fiction and non-fiction. She has won many different awards for her writing, has been an editor for four online magazines, and has done acquisitions for a small electronic press. JennaKay was first and foremost one of Writers Exchange’s most prolific and talented authors, and was invited to become their senior editor. Since that time she has performed admirably as both author and editor for the company.

Jenna Whittaker, Advance Reader and Grammar Editor at WEE is the author of multiple books in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. She currently has 3 novels Jenna Whittaker.pngpublished: one science fiction, one fantasy, and one dystopian fantasy. Her fourth novel is a fantasy that is undergoing its last edits before publication, and she has several more planned. She says, “I’ve been writing all my life and never intend to stop!” To help fund her writing efforts, Jenna also does artwork. This includes graphic design pieces for websites (logos, headers, promotional images), book covers, game concepts (character and environment) artwork, commissions (family portraits, pet portraits, etc.), and personal artwork that she does for fun. She enthusiastically adds, “I can also do promotional images for your book, cover art, unique and personalized bookmarks/book plates, or even a custom painting of all of your book characters!”

WEE’s SciFan author Jennifer St. Clair lives and writes in an old rambling house in southern Ohio that, alas, has no tower, but does have a nice bay window where she can sit in her reading chair and look out on her front-yard vegetable garden. It also contains cats. Jennifer St Claire.jpgShe quips, “Every author should have at least one cat for the sole purpose of exercise while attempting to type with a cat asleep on your wrists. Oh, and the joyous accidental deletion of whole paragraphs with one slip of the paw.” Jennifer wrote her first novel when she was thirteen, and hasn’t stopped since! Most of the stories she writes are connected in some way or another; she calls this “The Mess.” Unfortunately, unless you read every single one of her books, you probably won’t catch all of the connections. Sometimes, she wonders if she has caught all of the connections herself! In her spare time, she spins her own yarn, weaves her own cloth, grows most of her own food, works at a day job, reads many books, and tries her best to exist in this world with one foot firmly placed in Faerie.

First published in 1983, WEE’s SciFan author Will Greenway started his creative career wanting to draw and script comics. After a number of years, he found that writing was better suited to his skills. Aside from writing and art, Will is a self-taught programmer, PC technician, and network troubleshooter.

He enjoys skiing, racquetball, Frisbee golf, and is a steadfast supporter of role-playing games. Reality’s Plaything, the first book in his 5 book series, was written on a dare. Will’s ultimate goal is to have 4 complete Ring Realms series that will span a total of 18 books. Of those planned for the series, nine are complete. Throughout his writing career Will has written eleven other novels, close to thirty short stories, as well as numerous articles on writing. He resides in the Spring Valley suburb of south San Diego.

WEE’s SciFan author Courtney Lynn Mroch also writes horror under the penname, C. Le Mroch. She considersCourtney.jpg herself a Genre Mixologist since her fiction spans the gamut from romance, mystery and suspense to horror, fantasy and paranormal –and is usually a blend of two or more of those categories. In addition to writing fiction, Courtney is the Director of Paranormal Tourism/Paranormal Travel Advisor for Haunt Jaunts, a travel site for restless spirits, where she shares her adventures jaunting to haunted, mysterious and macabre places and events. She’s also a Life Coach at Alien Invasion Zombie Apocalypse Fitness, where she chronicles her efforts to get fit, keep healthy, and stay alive. When Courtney is not writing, traveling or spending time with her family, it’s a safe bet you’ll find her on a tennis court somewhere.

lorienne.jpgWEE’s SciFan author Lorienne Walk hails from country of Queensland, Australia, and grew up among gum trees and soybean crops as well as horses, cats and many kinds of creepy-crawlies. She was first published at the age of six in her school’s magazine and has been writing ever since. In 2005 she graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics and Philosophy. She currently lives in Brisbane in a big share-house with five of her closest friends.

WEE’s SciFan author Michelle Levigne lives in Ohio, just about half an hour from Lake Erie and Cleveland. She graduated from Northwestern College, Iowa, with a BA in theater/English, and from Regent University, Virginia, with an MA in communication (film/writing). She has over 40 short stories and poems to her credit in fan fiction–Star Trek, Highlander, the Phoenix, Beauty & the Beast, Stingray, among others. Her first professional sale was also a first-place win in the Writers of the Future Contest, with her short story Relay. Michelle has written a number of series set in very different SciFan universes.

And finally, WEE’s SciFan author Robert Lee Beers is a very funny and very prolific writer. On his Amazon page he claims that he is “the author of one of the best supernatural robert-beersmystery series on the planet.” The Milward Chronicles is written to pull the reader into its world from the very first page. Within the pages you will find everything there is for the fantasy lover: wizards, elves, trolls, dwarves, dragons and much, much, more. There you will encounter adventure, magic, horror and hilarity. A past Nevada State Assemblyman, nominated for the JFK Profiles in Courage Award, he uses his vast store of anecdotes and experiences to flesh out his books. Robert’s SciFan series, the Tony Mandolin Mysteries is set in present day America and stars a gumshoe detective who finds out that the supernatural is real and is often needing an investigator.

I hope you enjoyed meeting WEE’s SciFan authors! Writers Exchange E-Publishing aims to be the most respected and successful publisher in the industry. With only the most talented and committed staff, providing the highest levels of customer service and product quality is their highest priority. By making a stand to add SciFan as a recognized genre, they are now at the forefront of a major SciFan revolution! Go check out their SciFan titles today!scifan3

What is SciFan? Find out here. Do you have a SciFan story to share with the world? Can you think of existing stories that should be properly classified as SciFan? Let’s revolutionize the publishing industry and clamor for the debut of the SciFan genre taking the stage! Come join our SciFan Society to learn how you can participate in this growing movement!


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