Featured Author: Lander Allen

landerSciFan author Lander Allen was one of those kids who had access to a lot of books growing up. His dad has always been a huge science fiction and fantasy reader, and his library was always growing. Like any kid, his interest in reading fluctuated depending on his age and what video games were out. But with the impressive library surrounding him, he was always drawn back in. Heinlein, Tolkien, Crichton, Zelazny, they were all there. He had a lot of newer influences too. Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, dozens of artists and writers for Marvel comics, and many more. Mirroring this, he spent a lot of time exploring ideas in his own little short story world. After many years he finally cultivated a unique idea that was long enough to turn into a novel. And then it grew to more novels. More ideas came and more skills were developed. He says, “Now, a day without reading and or writing is like a day without brushing my teeth.”

Lander published his first book in the Keystone Islands Series, Portals of the Grave, in May of 2014. His writing continued, and in September of 2015 he published its sequel, Mists of Affliction. Book three will be released very soon, and Lander has also begun writing a mini novella series in the same universe. A synopsis for Portals of the Grave is as follows:

What if someone buried a secret inside you?

portalsScott, Miranda, and Dixon have no idea where they came from. At the age of seven, they fell through a portal onto the planet Cova. Their bodies were marked with mysterious surgical scars. Doctors and scientists watched them grow, always looking for answers. Were they aliens? Bio-engineered? Children from the future? On the eve of their adulthood, answers finally arrive. A scattered and tattered people from the other side of the world seem to know the truth about the portal. However, these new people hold subtle, unexplained powers. Can they be trusted? Whatever their intentions, they are a threat to Cova. Scott, Miranda, and Dixon are now in a race to find out who they really are. As they battle to save Cova from the threat of this new civilization, they must answer the most important question: are they the very weapons that could destroy humanity?

A synopsis of the second installment in the Keystone Islands Series, Mists of Affliction, is as follows:

Mists.jpgIt seemed like only yesterday that Scott, Dixon, Miranda, and Talia were being hailed as the saviors of Naprea. Time and deception can change anything, including a hero. The four become the target of religious fanatics scheming for power. Scott finds himself hunted, Dixon is imprisoned, Miranda is left without her precious tech, and Talia is wanted dead. Will their relationships fall apart or be stronger than ever? Talia is growing up quickly and must learn to fend for herself in the cruel world of Naprea, but she also has to hunt down new powers to help her find the secrets that have been hidden from her by her dead parents. Along the way she meets a handsome boy willing to help her find what she is looking for. Can he be trusted? Councilor Donovan of the Coalition and his wife, Inara, use the Coalition’s advanced technology to help feed the political unrest in Naprea and attempt to turn the four against each other. Miranda desperately tries to beat the Coalition and win the race to Earth. The Coalition must be stopped, but at what cost? A city? A friendship? A life?

The themes and elements within Lander’s story can only be described as SciFan. In layman’s terms, Science Fantasy (SciFan) is “A genre that blends fantastic and scientific elements into a coherent worldbuild to tell a story in a more interesting and flexible way.” [1]

coins.pngLander’s story dabbles in both fantasy and sci-fi as he describes technologically advanced body suits that harness ancient magical powers that the wearer can wield like a wizard; the ability to inflict a viral disease at the push of a button by transmitting it through microscopic portals in people’s bloodstreams; and a deranged scientist performing clinically untested surgeries and procedures with the purpose of enhancing or otherwise extracting his patients’ magical abilities.
More recently, Lander Allen is the founder of the new small market publisher Eagle
Mountain Media, which is solely dedicated to publishing Science Fantasy EMM.png(SciFan) books. Although he’s not currently open for submissions, I’ll keep you posted when this exciting option becomes available!


What is SciFan? Find out here. Do you have a SciFan story to share with the world? Can you think of existing stories that should be properly classified as SciFan? Let’s revolutionize the publishing industry and clamor for the debut of the SciFan genre taking the stage! Come join our SciFan Society to learn how you can participate in this growing movement!


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