Featured Author: Hannah Gray Gordon

12647428_10208460915941719_3095090421769352421_n.jpgHi, I’m Richard M. Mulder author of Conquest: Rise of the Fifth Horseman and I’m your host for this stop in the Hunt.

If you would like to find out more about the Hunt, please click here – http://vfcscavengerhunt.weebly.com/ Somewhere on this page is a hidden number. Collect all the numbers from all the authors’ posts, and then add them up. Once you’ve added all the numbers, and if I am your last author, please head to the official website and click on the ENTER HERE page to find the entry form. Only entries will the correct number will qualify to win.

 The author I’m pleased to be hosting for Virtual FantasyCon 2016’s Blog Hop Hunt today is Hannah Gray Gordon, SciFan author of the fantasy novel The Vu.

14555854_666297736863925_1963632240_nHannah writes, “On my bookshelf, nestled among my favorite big novels, are three small diaries. Inside, you will find handwritten short stories and crude drawings made by me, Hannah Gray Gordon, starting at the young and tender age of nine. Once bitten by the writing bug, I could never find it in me to stop despite the belief that I’d never actually be published. Then, I was published. Now, I can’t seem to stop. I write fantasy, specifically urban with a side of historical.”

Hannah’s debut novel, The Vu, surrounds a young lady with trauma-induced amnesia who discovers she has special powers as she begins to remember the abusive father of her past. It follows her journey through old horrors and new beginnings. The sequel, The Gathering, finds Sabella and her coven14488996_666297316863967_475722677_o.jpg travelling to New York to experience the Gathering, an event in which new elders for the Council are chosen. She is joined by a new coven member who seems to harbor a grudge and a secret to use against the Vu. Hannah’s third novel is in the works, and will be released late next year!

On the historical SciFan front is the first in a duo of books, The Shades of Orthea. In nine-hundred  A.D. Ireland, the Norsemen were making quick work of many villages and towns near the coast. In the aftermath of the pillaging of Fiona’s small village, she is whisked through 15 dimensions into Orthea, a mirror image of her original world, but so very different. Now, her fiancé doesn’t know her and she becomes a shade – a sorceress – who were feared in her homeland but who protect this
one. As the marauders seek the power of Oldgrange, she fights to free those they oppress and find her calling in a place she doesn’t understand. It’s a unique coming of age story set in a magical land. 14522097_666296980197334_408117978_o.jpgThe second book is set to release in early next year!

Hannah Gray Gordon has many more works coming. She expresses her enthusiasm, “I can’t wait to share my stories with everyone!”

Find out more, or purchase your own copy!

Website: http://hannahgraygordon.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannahgordonauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hannahgordon0

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannahgraygordonauthor/

Email List: http://wordpress.us1.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=fbf3dde650ecf9aecd6526cf0&id=fc2cef4f02

Did you find the number? If you did, then click Hannah Gray Gordon’s link – https://hannahgraygordon.com/ to continue Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt.scifan3

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