Featured #SciFan Author: Chad Descoteaux

14627875_10208822879024140_645079595_nChad Descoteaux has always loved science fiction that had elements of fantasy mixed in.  Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, reading the My Teacher is an Alien books and watching Ninja Turtles, X-Men cartoons and Star Wars films, Chad has always been fascinated by sci-fi stories that have something to say about something (like family, dictatorships or prejudice), despite the “out there” premise.  (Mutagen ooze?  Mutations that make you psychic?  Light sabers?  Yes, please.)

This continued into adulthood.  Some people said that he should have grown out of it, but there was something about certain fantasy stories, even in cartoon form, that 51nbb6hsablspoke to Chad with their metaphors.  Everything from The Incredibles, a story about a father’s mid-life crisis (something a child cannot relate to) to the missing child drama in Finding Nemo and the prison saga that was Toy Story 3 spoke to his adult sensibilities, despite the fantastic premise.  A diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, when he was in his thirties made the rest of this life up to that point, including his obsession with fiction, make a lot more sense.
Chad started writing his own stories when he was in fifth grade, starting with some fan fiction and graduating to original stories when he was in junior high.  He has since been influenced by all of the above-mentioned childhood passions, plus other comic books, science fiction movies (from the 50’s up to the present) and The Twilight Zone, which he discovered on Syfy one fateful New Year’s Day when otherwise doing nothing.

51y1fntmlvlChad has since parlayed his passion for writing SciFan, (science fiction mixed with fantasy), into an e-book distributor called Turtle Rocket Books (www.turtlerocketbooks.com), which currently has 6 books.  His books do not contain any magic, as many fantasy stories do, but the science fiction elements are so “out there” that they certainly count as a mix of the two genres.  The Army cloning six-foot tall insects that can be used as drones.  Machines that can switch your memories with someone else.  An alien who can impregnate someone with telekinesis to keep their species going.  Cows that turn into monsters and eat vegetarians.  The list goes on.  Chad’s next book, a sequel to his second book The Tattler called The Tattler: Losing Time is his first time travel story.

You can learn more about Chad Descoteaux’s work by going to www.turtlerocketbooks.com or checking out Turtle Rocket Books on Facebook or Instagram.  His Twitter is @chadscripts.

scifan6What is SciFan? Find out here. Do you have a SciFan story to share with the world? Can you think of existing stories that should be properly classified as SciFan? Let’s revolutionize the publishing industry and clamor for the debut of the SciFan genre taking the stage! Come join our SciFan Society to learn how you can participate in this growing movement!


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