Featured #SciFan Author: Jessica Munn

Jessica.jpgSciFan author Jessica Munn is a proud mother of four children, and is happily married to her best friend. After spending seven years as a stay-at-home mom while her husband served in the army, she earned her teaching degree and began teaching 5th graders in a public school in Arizona. She says, “My favorite job will always have been being a stay-at-home mom! My childhood was spent taking care of my four younger siblings. It wasn’t the easiest childhood. I would escape reality into every book I read! Reading became a passion. I would read constantly. That’s when I began having my crazy dreams from which all my inspiration comes. So at a very young age, I started putting my dreams to paper. My mother was an integral part of my love for reading and writing, as it was her continuous encouragement of my imagination that drove my desire to write. She would help me put my ideas to paper and create my own little story books. Throughout the years, my love of writing grew. I joined my high school newspaper and became an editor. My dreams of someday becoming a published author never subsided! My crazy dreams that fuel my imagination combine with my love for the art of literature to create Calueria and Calley.”

When she first wrote Calueria: The Legend of the Dea Regia, she struggled with low self-esteem and didn’t think her writing was good enough. “That’s mostly why I wouldn’t self-publish.” She explained, “The only reason this one made it this far was the continuous encouragement from my husband, pushing me to keep going.”

After years of hard work and dedication, on July 13th 2015 Jessica’s dreams became a reality when Argus Books published her novel under their imprint W&B Publishers.

Here’s a summary of Calueria: The Legend of the Dea Regia:

Calley finds to her astonishment that there is truly another world: a world of magic – a world of danger!

As the initial volley in trilogy of majestic magnitude, Calueria stimulates the reader’s curiosity about an alternative realm in which humans, or mortals, were created for the sole purpose of the progression of other magical races. Calley doesn’t know it, but she is the salvation of the Essent Medei and their entire world of magical races. Though, the prophecy about her says she is the opposite, the destruction of all of the magical races.
Her world is turned upside down when her father, Jethro, disappears mysteriously. Trying to rescue him, Calley is kidnapped, sold as a slave, and unexpectedly defeats the Lamia Dominitri. Our young heroine narrowly escapes another capture, falls in love with two boys at the same time and then must face her father’s captor, Anngora, the most fearful of Strigae (witches) in all of Calueria.

When Calley finds herself magically transported to Calueria, she discovers not only a whole new world, but she learns who she truly is, what she is truly capable of and who wants to take it all away from her. Calley finally discovers during her travels that of all the magic in Calueria, the magic of Pure Love, which she possesses in abundance, is the most powerful!


Jessica Munn is a lover of both science and fantasy writing. Her novel is a great literary combination of science and fantasy, but doesn’t quite fit the genre of science fiction. Main character Calley has the power of Pure Love which she alone possesses. With this love, which is a powerful energy source, Calley can ask elements to bend to her will: water will alter its atomical makeup to give her breath; oceans will rise to imprison her greatest foe; evolution has truly been exposed as the millions of species in Calueria are slowly introduced; plants, animals, even rocks and water can communicate with her to show her events that have happened in a place and the feelings that were there in the past; Calley can even push her power outward to heal the broken hearted, broken flesh, and any broken living things. The very existence of mortals is the result of science and magic coming together as the Majori searched for a solution to their problem of dying magical folk: Essent Medei.

“Calley came from modern day Earth, but ask me how she got to Calueria? How are there these two universes? How does she have the power that she does?” Jessica teases, “I combine a lot of science: atoms, molecules, elements, space, time, brain make-up, Earth science, astrological signs, birth stones and their true significance, silver being a pure conduit through which magic can travel, etc.”

The Essent Medei have natural abilities to make things happen magically. They use pure silver chains with their birthstones in order to channel their abilities into physical manifestations. Their individual birth-months determine an Essent Medei’s biological abilities and magical strengths, utilizing synapses in their brains that mortals cannot.

Come meet Jessica Munn in person at
Bruce Butcher’s Authors Night!


Next week on November 11th 2016 (Veteran’s Day) from 6PM to 8PM, the Smith’s Marketplace located at 5710 W 7800 S in West Jordan will be featuring six local Authors including:

  • Cevin Ormond – International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Coach.
  • Richard M. Mulder – Award-winning SciFan author of Conquest: Rise of the Fifth Horseman and Founder of the Science Fantasy (SciFan) Movement at SciFan.org
  • Lander Allen – SciFan author of The Keystone Islands Series.
  • Jessica Munn – SciFan author of Calueria.
  • Lin Bothwell – Veteran author of Lessons In Honor.
  • Stacy Kupiec – Paranormal author of the Quintessence Series.

Assistant Manager Bruce Butcher from Smith’s Marketplace (More famously known for his Facebook group “Bruce Butcher Hunger Games”) will be hosting the event and providing refreshments. Come join us for some food, fun, and giveaways! Need an email reminder? Click here!

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