Featured #SciFan Author: Ame Terra

ame-terraSciFan Author Ame Terra loves earth, writing, traveling, photography and wine. In Portuguese, her name means “love Earth”. In her first novel, Earth No. 105, she swirls love and chaos into sweet little morsels of suspense. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son and rescue pup Odie.


earth-no-105The Earth, this being the 105th Earth, is being terrorized by their leader Danna. The story tiptoes around revealing the full extent of her evil nature leaving you eager to learn more about the insane mind of Danna.
References throughout the book to “Earth long ago” and specific references to music by James Taylor and stories by Dr. Seuss are strategically presented innuendos, leaving the reader wanting to know more. Although Earth No. 105 seems like our present Earth, it is clear the characters are not from our time.



The Sensor

The book is written in the first person/present tense placing you in the chaos along side Ryker Chale and Tova Jurek. Both are living in Aaricem, Earth 105’s largest country that is under attack. A food shortage, economic fallout and a fever produced as a weapon are the sources of the attack.





Ryker and Tova are navigating the dangers, Ryker as a high school senior and Tova as a middle-aged housewife. Along the way Ryker falls in love with a girl named Luna, and their relationship develops with charming teenage awkwardness. Meanwhile Tova falls fast and hard for a man named Jash, and together they border on being irresponsible.



The Seer

As Ryker and Luna discover their powers and avoid the dangers surrounding them, they find their true identities and join their new family, the Immunes. Tova and Jash simultaneously avoid the dangers as Tova discovers Jash’s true identity. Ryker and Tova’s lives seem to collide into one as the book comes to a dramatic conclusion.




The Seducer

Expected release for the second book in the series is December 2016. In Birth, readers start where it all began, on day two of Earth No. 105. In the days that follow, Danna’s insanity is exposed, Zander and Anwen meet, and the mysterious powers and personality of Jash Majeed are unveiled.


“Welcome to Earth No. 105. A toast,” Danna declares as her voice echoes off the bare walls of the penthouse.



The Healer

Everyone at headquarters raises their champagne filled flutes as Danna prepares herself for yet another toast to a new Earth. I wonder what she plans to do with this one and how long it will last. She taps a knife to the glass and waits for silence. Her black suit an extreme contrast to HQ’s white walls. A calculated decision I’m sure.      


“To starvation, poverty and disease,” our Leader states with overdramatic and sinister undertones. Dramatic and sinister, that is Danna.



The Flyboy

She raises her glass with a dark smile. All her minions salute and shout in agreement. She searches the room for me. I follow her gaze until those cold calculating eyes make contact. She tilts her glass in my direction, a long distance toast. I tip my beer bottle to her and then take a big swig.


So there you have it, more starvation, poverty and disease.


December 2016

Earth No. 105 is a hybrid of many different SciFan subgenres. There are characters with superpowers such as cloning, flying and a reader favorite: seductive magnetism. Then there is the dystopian side including a food shortage, financial crisis and a biologically produced fever all created and implemented by the evil antagonist to kill Earth No. 105. On a lesser level, it flirts with the subgenre of portal fiction as the series itself is based on different Earths and the characters move to the next Earth once their current home is destroyed.





Ame Terra is currently giving away TEN eBook copies of Earth No. 105! All you have to do is send an email request to her at:



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