Featured #SciFan Author: Lucinda Moebius

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Here’s a Summary:

There really are things out there going bump in the night. Maria Christine lives life at the fringes of society as one of the Were, a race if beings from which legends have been born.
Vampyre, Were, succubus, feeder – her dark existence stealing life from strangers on the fringes of society will soon change.

When forced to abandon the only life she knows, Maria finds herself endangered by Were from all sides and learns a tough lesson – she isn’t the scariest thing out there. 

•By other Were to strengthen their Covens
•By those with great power to further their own agendas
•By those who would wipe the scourge of her race and her own special kind of evil from the earth
•By the Hunter who must kill her to fulfill his destiny, but wants to protect her instead 
Can she choose between death or life on her own terms or will that choice be made for her? The only constant is her ever present hunger, driving her to feed.

PS: Cover art was done by your’s truly 🙂

15658070_10211304538787659_609389679_oSciFan author Lucinda Moebius is many things. She is author, teacher, wife, and caregiver. She doesn’t remember when she first became a story-teller because she doesn’t remember when she first discovered the magic of words and the escape carefully crafted stories could create.   As a child Lucinda was rarely found without a book nearby. She would read anything she could get her hands on and soon discovered her mother’s bookshelf. By the time she was in middle school she was reading at a college level and was already building her own worlds. Like many individuals of her generation, Lucinda spent most of her twenties working and studying as she tried to figure out her path in life. She worked as a certified nurse’s aide while she went to college to become an English Teacher.  The medical field held a special fascination for Lucinda so it was no surprise her first novel involved a doctor dealing with genetically altered super viruses in her quest to save others.

513nf1-4oklLucinda was first published in 2010. Since then she has worked hard to create unique visions and stories. Her work includes novels in multiple genres including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Children’s Books, Screenplays and Non-fiction. Lucinda has a Doctorate in Education and loves teaching, but her greatest desire is to help others understand how literature and writing can bring enlightenment and understanding to everyone. She offers book coaching and advice to everyone, whether they want it or not.

514vebhpkdlLucinda has 13 published books at this time. Echoes of Savanna and Raven’s Song are Science Fiction set in the near future. They are the first two novels in a five book series. Book three is in progress and books four and five are outlined, plotted and ready for the story to be fleshed out.417ckmnskvl

Write Well Publish Right is a book about the writing and publishing process. The lessons in the book are the same one she uses in her classroom and her book coaching business to teach others the joy of writing and publishing.feeder17

Feeder is a Paranormal Non-romance. Yes, there are vampyres and werewolves in the book. No, there are no desperate, love-sick teenagers dreaming of becoming immortal to be with their lover through all eternity.51iy7wcqmml Instead the reader is exposed to a soul-sucking monster whose only concern is surviving and assuaging her hunger.

The 30 Days Stream of Consciousness novellas are based on a blog518vi3hrr9l.  A protagonist is placed in a setting and tells their experiences through a stream of consciousness for 30 days. The nature of this type of writing lends an almost disorganized quality to the narrative.

51vrndt-lclLucinda has also written a series of children’s books created as a way for adults to address difficult stressful situations with children.  Although most of these books were written in just a few hours the illustration process takes years and can be quite expensive. Three of her books have been illustrated and published a fourth will be published soon. 411x4fjmd3lShe is just waiting for her illustrator to put the final touches on a couple of the toughest pages. She has three other books ready for illustration.

Although Lucinda writes in multiple genres her first and most passionate love has been and will always be the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Many of the programs (television and movies) as well as the books she read growing up blended the art of Science with the world of Fantasy.  Her Science Fiction books all contain a little element of fantasy while her Fantasy novels delve into the science behind the mists and shadows.  Her background in the medical field and her love of learning has led to a desire to make sure the science in her literature has a solid foundation in fact while blending in elements of fantasy.

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