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11303749SciFan author Tom Fallwell grew up in the 60’s. Too young to go to Woodstock, but well into the culture of the times as a young man in his early years. One thing he found a love for during those days was the wonderful escape into realms undreamed of through books of Fantasy and Science-Fiction. Weaned on some of the greats like J.R.R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradury, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert E. Howard, Roger Zelazny, Robert A. Heinlein, Michael Morcock; just to name a few.

Reading such stories fueled his imagination and when he discovered a simple book of rules one day, called Chainmail, by Gary Gygax, he found a new love. The love of creating adventures and stories. Chainmail transformed into Dungeons & Dragons, and Tom played consistently with friends as both a player and a dungeon master (DM). This built up his ability to spin tales and create situations for the player’s characters to experience.

Alas, those days came to an end, and Tom settled into a career as a software developer, writing programs and creating back-end software for web sites as the Internet grew from something only universities used, into the full-fledged public entity it is today. Nearly thirty years of his life was spent in that career. Sometimes doing very well, other times barely scraping by.

In the early part of the 21st century, Tom found something his life had been missing, and he was born again. Throwing himself fully into the discipleship of Jesus Christ, and becoming a devout Christian. It was shortly after that, that he found his health starting to decline, partly due to his aging body, as well as to things he had done in the past that now contributed to his troublesome health issues.

Then the day came upon him, and he found himself having something he knew was coming, but never wanted to acknowledge. Tom suffered a mild heart attack and was taken to the hospital, where they informed him that his unhealthy habits had caused blockages in all five of the main arteries to his heart. He was going to need bypass surgery, immediately.

Sitting in the cold gown on a hard gurney, waiting to go into surgery, fear of what might happen began to gnaw at his psyche. But then, something miraculous happened. He felt a warm and loving peace wash over him, and suddenly knew, without a doubt, that he would be alright. His faith carried him through the surgery, where they physically broke open his rib-cage, removed his heart, and replaced every vein with a new one taken from his left leg, then replaced his heart and wired his rib-cage back together.

He awoke in the recovery room, a new man, with a new heart, and never had a desire to renew the habits that had put him in that condition in the first place. Shortly after that, he received more bad news. It seemed he was a type 2 diabetic. Again, he turned to his faith, and trusted all would be well, but it took some time to bring his diabetes under control.

As he ventured into his sixties, Tom felt it was time to quit programming and retire. It had been fun most of the time, but lately it had turned into more work and he enjoyed it less and less as the years rolled by. So, in early 2014, at the age of 63, Tom retired from the profession of programmer.

Soon after that, his vision began failing, at about the same time he decided to start writing. So, as his vision began to fade, 41vpqleqolhe began to write. In the middle of 2014 Tom published a short story, A Strong Tower. At first, he published it himself, but later put it in an anthology called Awethology of Light, where it resides to this day.

In December of that same year, he published his first novel, Dragon Rising. A tale of a young elven girl who was destined to become a dragon. Through his experiences publishing that book, he learned much about the world of Indie Authors, and dove in head first; beginning to tell the stories that had been in his head for many years. 5177qyybejlIn April of 2015, shortly after his 64th birthday, Tom published the first book of his Rangers of Laerean series A Whisper in the Shadows. This began a story that would take two more books to complete. It was the beginning of what he calls the Shadows Trilogy.

Immediately after publishing the first book about the Rangers, he began work on the next book Where Shadows Fall, as his eyesight continued to deteriorate. By the end of 2015 he was all but blind in his left eye due to cataracts, and his right eye was also failing – though at a slower pace. Without insurance or funds, there was not much he could do. He prayed he could go on until April of the next year, when he could finally get on Medicare.51fjr1jeiql

Despite his failing vision, he continued to work on book #2 of the Rangers of Laerean, and on February 1st, 2016 he published it. By then it was very hard to see to write. It was a daily struggle to continue working on the next book, but he did so. Finally, in April of 2015, he could get Medicare, and immediately sought to get help for both his diabetes and for his eyesight. As the weeks passed, he kept working on the final book of his trilogy The Shadow of Narwyrm.

Working with a good doctor, his diabetes was brought under control and his blood sugar was returned to near normal. Going to an eye doctor, he discovered he not only had cataracts, but glaucoma as well. The doctor’s prognosis was a bit grim, but he had faith once again that all would be well. After surgeries on both eyes, removing the cataracts and repairing the drainage for the glaucoma, Tom was rewarded for his faith with 20/25 vision. Elated, he now only needed glasses to read small print, and had no need to them to drive or work on his computer.

51ckimatlhlThrough it all, Tom kept his faith, and though at times things seemed depressing, Tom remained thankful and joyful, and trusted in his God to see him through. Tom is a walking miracle, for all to see. In December of 2016 The Shadow of Narywm was released. The trilogy was complete, and Tom was already working on a new book.

With four novels published in the Fantasy genre, Tom decided to take on a new type of story. He switched from his third-person omnipotent view of writing in his Fantasy novels, and turned to a first-person perspective for his new book. The new book is underway, but still in its very early stages. It’s a modern-day tale, with elements of the paranormal, science-fiction, mystery and suspense, about a bitter man finding himself and his will to live on after great loss.

Tom also discovered some folks with a petition to create recognition for the genre of SciFan, a blend of science-fiction and fantasy that has always been out there, but not recognized yet by many. scifanmagazinejan6When he signed the petition, he had no idea it would lead him to where he is now. Today, Tom is writing a SciFan series for the new and wonderful SciFan Magazine. The magazine just published their first issue on January 1st, 2017, and Tom’s story debuts in that issue.
The story Stormguard: The Invisible War is the story of two guardian angels, members of an elite group called the Stormguard. As each episode unfolds, the story will be told of these two angels and their battle against Lucifer and his Fallen, to protect mankind from their devilish plot that could destroy the world and everyone in it. Tom believes he has a Stormguard angel watching over him as well. Who are we to argue?image011

Tom lives in a suburb of Oklahoma City and is an active member of his church where he leads the Praise Team and controls the sound system. Tom is divorced, has one son (very much grown), and lives with his 87-year-old father, who is quite healthy and active himself.

He actively promotes his trilogy, and has plans for the near future to redo his novel, ‘Dragon Rising’, improving it with all that he has learned. Please visit him at any of his social media outlets and say hello. Tom loves meeting new people. If you read any of his books or stories, he also loves to get feedback from readers. So, drop him a line if you do.


Author Pages

Amazon – http://Author.to/Tom

Website – http://tomfallwell.com

Facebook – http://goo.gl/87GVaU

Smashwords – https://goo.gl/adtpGn

Goodreads – http://goo.gl/hYZOso

Twitter – https://goo.gl/mhdzrZ

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YouTube – https://goo.gl/EYqoh8


A Whisper in the Shadows

Amazon – http://getBook.at/AWitS

Smashwords – https://goo.gl/ixo6wK


Where Shadows Fall

Amazon – http://getBook.at/WSF

Smashwords – https://goo.gl/NF73dv


The Shadow of Narwyrm

Amazon – http://getBook.at/TSoN

Smashwords – https://goo.gl/J5Az7y

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