#SciFan™ Magazine Now Under Scrutiny by #Amazon


It displeases me to announce that SciFan™ Magazine has run into a major roadblock. As of January 12th 2017, the Warlords of Amazon have chosen to remove the magazine and all future pre-order issues from their website – solely based upon a claim that they suspect “illegitimate borrowing” from some of our Kindle Unlimited fans. We are actively appealing their ridiculous claim. Please be assured that SciFan™ Magazine will rise from the ashes and return with a vengeance on alternative publishing platforms! Stay tuned, and we will post new links shortly.

THIS MEANS…WarKindle3.png


One thought on “#SciFan™ Magazine Now Under Scrutiny by #Amazon

  1. Reblogged this on Indie Lifer and commented:
    Scifan Magazine has been yanked from Amazon under the claim that the publication had illegitimate borrows on KU. While I understand that Amazon must investigate suspicious activity to weed out those who are trying to game the system, they should investigate first and ensure innocent authors aren’t collateral damage and the real criminals are punished.


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