#SciFan Magazine @SciFanMag is Hosting a February Release Party

Although the oppression by Amazon.com is still having lingering effects, SciFan™ Magazine intends to make a roaring return with or without them! Come join our Rising from the Ashes themed Release Party on January 28th for our second edition! Make sure you click on the “Going” button so that you recieve a reminder: https://www.facebook.com/events/993697760763413/?ti=as

For those of you who missed all of the Amazon oppression details, here’s a summary: Amazon is currently in the practice of immediately deleting accounts without warning in the event they are suspicious of any type of tampering with their KU program – regardless of whether or not an author is innocent of wrongdoing. One week ago SciFan Magazine got stuck in the crosshairs of a massive “scammer bot” detection, and we recieved the following email:

Amazon owned up to their mistake on Sunday January 19th and our account has since been successfully reinstated, however getting SciFan Magazine restored has met some major hiccups.
To help prevent other authors from facing a similar fate, we have started a petition that offers suggestions on how to improve their disciplinary tactics regarding suspected tampering to their Kindle Unlimited program (a.k.a. KDP Select). We just breached 300 signatures in only 3 days! Please add your support! Click on the link below: https://www.change.org/p/amazon-com-kindle-unlimited-is-toxic-to-authors


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