#SciFan Magazine Release Party is Happening Now!

Come to SciFan™ Magazine’s one-day Release Party to celebrate our 2nd issue! http://amzn.to/2kEGig9

Each half hour we will feature a Science Fantasy Author! Here is our schedule:
GoIndieNow’s Joe Compton 9:00 AM EST

CoProducer Richard M. Mulder 10:00 AM EST

CoProducer Dayne Edmondson 10:30 AM EST

Author Tracy Stone Lawson 11:00 AM EST

Author Tom Fallwell 11:30 AM EST

Author Judith Rook 12:00 PM EST

Author Jenny Burke 12:30 PM EST

Author Lander Allen 1:00 PM EST

Author Andy Zach 1:30 PM EST

Author Drew Jacob Cordell 2:00 PM EST

Author Lucinda Hawks Moebius 2:30 PM EST

Author Brent A. Harris 3:00 PM EST

Author Aaron-Michael Hall 3:30 PM EST

Author Shakyra Dunn 4:00 PM EST

Author Trey McIntosh 4:30 PM EST

Author Erica 5:00 PM EST

B2B CyCon Organizer Heidi Angell 5:30 PM EST

Author Jared Fleming 6:00 PM EST

Author Amanda M Suver Justice 6:30 PM EST


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