Character Spotlight: Ken Brody

Bryan Caron.png

Every other day leading up to The Ides of March – Essentia event on March 15th we will feature a Character Spotlight.

Character Introduction:

Ken Brody, loving husband and struggling father of two, is eager to tell his story to everyone, but we’re having some technical difficulties with communication. I’m surprised we actually made contact after he left Earth in such a dramatic fashion to hunt down his wife—who he claims was abducted a few years back—but lucky for us, the communication device we developed worked… for a few minutes.

We’re very hopeful that we’ll have the bugs worked out by March 15, so that he can talk to you more about his incredible story. Until then, you can check out my websites: http://bryancaron.com/


Or my bevy of social media channels to get to know a little bit more of his story so you can be ready with questions when the time comes!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/bryancaronbooks

blog: http://chaosbreedschaos.com/

Come join the event to meet the character!




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