Character Spotlight: Dame Deidre



Deidre makes her first appearance in “The King’s Redress”:

The contestant stood tall. “May I present myself? I am Deidre, Your Majesty, of the baronage of White Castle.”

Lady Alice had said that they had a knight in the tournament, the king recalled. Had she meant Deidre?

“I am the niece of Sir Walter. It was not my intent to rob any of your most worthy knights of the tournament’s purse. Only to avenge my uncle’s betrayal by Sir Henry and restore honor to our family name.”

“His betrayal?” As if he had encountered a ghost, the pronouncement filled the king with dread.

kiing“That was a close call,” Sir Alan said, firelight making his piercing gaze all the more fierce.

Dame Deidre took a swig of watered wine and shrugged. “I had it under control.”
“Nevertheless, it all sounds terrifying,” said Lady Joy.

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