#SciFan Magazine @SciFanMag March 2017 Issue Release Party Starts Tonight at 7PM EST!

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We, the editors of SciFan™ Magazine are very excited to release our third issue tomorrow! Please go Pre-Order your copy now. It will be delivered to your Kindle tonight at Midnight! We have also opted back in for Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a member you can get it for free! http://amzn.to/2lDuZlV

Tonight starting at 7 PM EST and tomorrow starting at 10 AM EST we will be hosting a Release Party where you will get a chance to meet some of our talented authors! Welcome one and all! http://bit.ly/2lhtBVf Please make sure you mark the “Going” button so that you’ll receive a reminder when the event goes live tonight.

Here’s some of the reviews for March’s issue from our dedicated submission Review Team members:

Stormguard: The Invisible War – Part III by Tom Fallwell
“A fast-paced and very competently written chapter in this long story arc. The characters are well rounded, the situations are strong and the world-building is completely convincing.”
– Judith Rook

Sterick by Stephen Clements
“A very engrossing tale that holds the reader and carries them to the final climax.”
– Tom Fallwell

“A finely-written “Standard SciFan” story which seizes interest at the outset, continuing and increasing the intensity, until the climactic moment of revelation.”
– Judith Rook

Crow Barn by DC Diamondopolous
“The story moves from the harsh reality of a post-apocalyptic existence, through a portal transformation, to salvation in a safe and beautiful world.”
– Judith Rook

“Nice story. …post-apocalyptic with heavy fantasy elements in the final result… It is a very interesting and entertaining read. I like it.”
– Tom Fallwell

“It’s beautifully written and engaging.”
– Patrick Hodges

The Hoarder by Jeff Stevenson
“A very well-written and well-presented story, with a good build-up of suspense and hints of a darkly fantastic/horror outcome.”
– Judith Rook

The Temple of Gix’Thian by Drew Cordell
“Enjoyed this a lot. The story was easy to follow and, while a few word choices could have been better, it was well-written.”
– Patrick Hodges

Planting Seeds by CB Droege
“It kind of seems like the start of something bigger, but also is so compact it just leaves you wanting more.”
– Dawn Chapman

“The basic concept is both intriguing and relevant and will attract interest. It proves that in the hands of a good writer, a very short story can have a very big impact.”
– Judith Rook

Page Patrol by Chris Nardone
I actually enjoyed the story. …it does just fit the scifan genre and would offer some diversity. I think I even chuckled once or twice.
– Aaron-Michael Hall


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