lilyMeet the next author coming to The ides of March – Essentia Character Takeover event, Richard M. Mulder! Check out his post about his character and what he writes, then come over and make sure you’ve clicked the Going button. The fun begins on March 15th. Be there!

Lily Thatcher was born with fiery red hair in Omaha Nebraska, and was originally known as Brandi Wilson. Orphaned at birth, she was raised in the state’s foster care system. In school she was a brilliant student, excelling in all levels of mathematics. In ‘10 she graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. She was offered a scholarship from UC Berkley, so she originally intended to complete her Masters there.

It was during her last year at UC Berkley however when she joined the National Security Agency (NSA). Her true identity, Brandi Wilson of Omaha Nebraska, had been erased and all of her records and transcripts were changed to accommodate her new identity as Lillian Thatcher of Buhl Idaho. The task of changing her identity wasn’t too difficult, for she had grown up in the foster care system. Because of the potential risk of a peer discovering her change in identity however, she was required to complete all of her remaining courses online through Western Governors University. In ‘12 she graduated with her Master’s degree in Cryptology.

During her last year of school she also completed a year of covert training with the NSA. Upon graduation, she successfully infiltrated CyberBolt Entertainment by getting hired on as a cryptographer. As the years passed she utilized all of her skills to move to the top of of the company and became the NSA’s primary source of inside information.

As the story unfolds, not only is Lily an undercover agent for the NSA, but when she gets dragged away to the World of Zion she begins to discover powers of divination. Eventually she meets a sentient dragon named Tiamat who acts as her totem and spirit animal, and she learns of her destiny as The Last Oracle. The fate of both worlds bears down upon her shoulders and only time will tell if Lily has what it takes to save mankind.

My story “Conquest” is currently undergoing a LitRPG conversion. If you’d like to follow my progress and read the posted chapters, go to http://royalroadl.com/my/fiction/10040

Come join the event to meet the character!




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