Hello there, everyone. My name is Leilana. I’m fourteen years old, and I’m an Arcana training to become a Warlord, someone with high magical prowess that takes up guidance over a realm in our world, Adrylis. It’s considered to be a prolific title because of the responsibilities brought from it.

Right now, I’m traveling around Adrylis as a part of my pilgrimage, and I’m supposed to collect six totems from other people that have magic in them, and even those that don’t. I’m also working as an ally to the fallen Kingdom of Linmus, helping the wayward prince Remiel and his servant Solus restore things to the way that they should be. But terrorists seeking a new era of magic stand in our path, aiming to cleanse Adrylis of its sins. So with my Grimoire in hand, I fight for the peace that my world deserves.

I guess now I’ll tell you a little about my creator. She’s been writing since she was my age, but officially took her dream by storm just nine months ago with her debut novel “The One Left Behind: Magic,” the first of a trilogy in the works. My story has nothing to do with it, but I recommend it nonetheless.


She’s also got a group going to promote my story, but no set release date yet. If you’re interested from hearing a little about me, I’m sure that we’d both appreciate the support.


You can find her most frequently on her author page here on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeerofWords

And Twitter: www.twitter.com/shakyradunn

Come join the event to meet the character!



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