Our First #LitRPG Edition of #SciFan Magazine Releases Next Friday!

We are very excited to be releasing our first LitRPG Edition of SciFan™ Magazine next week! We are proud to present the creative works of several talented authors who write in the LitRPG genre. Among these authors, we secured an Exclusive Sneak Peek to Amazon Bestselling Author Blaise Corvin’s upcoming sequel to his popular novel “Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred” which is scheduled to be released on April 7th 2017! Come meet the God Emperor of LitRPG

Grab your copy now while it’s still only 99 cents!

Here’s some of the reviews from our Submission Review Board:

Farmy of One by Brian Simons:

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a protagonist farming in a LitRPG story. I enjoyed the combat between Bronwen the Mudfolk and the vermin infesting her garden with a hoe. Farmy of one was fun quick read.” – Ian Mitchell 

Desperate Times by Matthew Sylvester

“Desperate Times puts you right smack in the middle of a battle. This has the feelling of saving private Ryan mixed with the emotional backing to make you have feelings of being right in the middle of the chaos. For a short story, I wish this went on for a longer time.” – Paul Campbell Jr.

 Control+Alt+Sadit by Alfonso Alonso

“I was very impressed by this story. A 15 year old boy who is down on his luck decides to commit virtual suicide by purposely entering a game that he knows has malfunctioned and is trapping in all users. He unwittingly becomes the ring leader of a gang of pirates, and learns some very valuable lessons. I give it 5 stars!” – Richard M. Mulder 

Unreality by Bethany McTrustery

“Unreality was a surreal cyberpunk LitRPG experience. It evoked imagery similar to Blade Runner, Snow Crash, or Johnny Mnemonic – dark, dangerous, and dreamlike. I enjoyed this journey into what is a game and what is real.” – Ian Mitchell

Tris the Tinker by Isaac Winter 

“The experience of reading Tris the Tinker was like watching a favorite anime for me. I start out walking with Tris to a party, hear her internal schemes to steal the last ingredient for her long-running project and then I’m swept up in a fast paced adventure to save the party-goers. This had a great fantasy setting with tasty litRPG elements. Poor Tris. She did the right thing.” – Ian Mitchell

Know Thy Enemy by Dawn Chapman and Matthew Ferraz

“Well, I entered into this book never having read a LitRPG before or having much awareness of it other than it being similar to RPG and had level up stats in it. I have to say that it was much better than what I was expecting… I found it easy to read, thought the writing was very good… The information provided introduced me into the dynamics of the game being played, and I found it quite interesting to see the stats within the text… There’s a good balance of dialogue/narration from both authors, good show/tell and most important of all, I found it engaging and genuinely wanted to read on which is always a good sign. I’m intrigued…” – Michelle Dunbar, Editor



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