Who is Aleric Elos?

Surprise! It’s me, Richard M. Mulder. I’ve chosen to adopt a Pen Name for my LitRPG series. So don’t worry! My account didn’t get hacked or something crazy. Lol. There are three primary reasons I chose to adopt Aleric Elos as a pen name. I asked myself the following three questions:

1) Marketability – does your name match your genre?

2) Visibility – is your real name too long?

3) Branding – Is your name unique? What happens when you Google your name?

After a self-evaluation, I quickly determined that the answer to all three of the above questions were each a resounding “No”.

1) Marketability – I did some research, and quickly realized that there are two primary trends for LitRPG authors: their names are either Russian or Greek. This obviously isn’t a coincidence – so I chose to follow the Greek route.

2) Visibility – when I took a good look at my name “Richard M. Mulder” on the cover, I had to admit that the only way to contain my name in one line was to choose a smaller font. In the past I’ve placed my name on two lines, but that only distracts from the Title. “Aleric Elos” is only 10 characters long plus 1 space versus 15 characters long plus 2 spaces. Even in all caps, Aleric Elos stands out on the cover much better, and doesn’t distract from the Title.

3) Branding – I’d always considered my last name to be unique, but now that Netflix has revived X-Files, it’s becoming more and more difficult to top the Google search results. As such, my given name isn’t a very viable option if I want to fully market my brand.

So, I’ve now fully adopted Aleric Elos as my new pen name. My new website at Aleric-Elos.com is still a construction zone, so stay tuned as I start up my new blog there. You can still expect to see the same high quality writing in my posted chapters, and you’ll start seeing a lot more from me as I ramp up for my official release of Conquest: A LitRPG Story on June 1st!


4 thoughts on “Who is Aleric Elos?

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  2. Great post! I am marketing an author but its my first time and I never thought to have him take on a pen name. It is so true what you have said and I am very thankful to have read your information you put out here for the world.


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