Author Spotlight: Dr. Lucinda Moebius

15658070_10211304538787659_609389679_oDr. Lucinda Moebius has been a writer since she was a child and was first published in 2010. Since then she has worked hard to create unique visions and stories. Her work includes novels in multiple genres including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Children’s Books, Screenplays and Non-fiction. Lucinda has a Doctorate in Education and loves teaching, but her greatest desire is to help others understand how literature and writing can bring enlightenment and understanding to everyone. She offers book coaching and advice to everyone, whether they want it or not.

Today we are featuring her story, Haunting


A house on a lonely street. Strange happenings. How do you wrap your mind around things that go bump in the night when you do not want to believe in ghosts? What happens when a mysterious, beautiful woman walks into your world and every answer she gives you creates a thousand more questions? A touch here. A scratch there. A whisper. a sigh. And a cat who stays by your side through it all.
Stream of consciousness refers to the practice of writing down ideas as they come into your head. The conventions of grammar and appropriateness of language is usually ignored when using this literary technique. For those of you who cringe at the misplaced metaphor, or the comma splice, or the occasionally correctly spelled wrong word so frequently seen in this day of spell-check reliability, don’t worry there are a lot more things in here to worry about. Concern yourself with the things that go bump in the night. The unexplained. The explainable.

*A word of caution to the easily offended: some of the word choice used by the voices may not be acceptable in mixed company. When you deal with fears like these it is important to allow the voice freedom.

If you’d like to learn more about Lucinda, check out the following links:

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