Author Spotlight: Stan Farnya

20624248_10155599825193415_1875374777_nStan Faryna is an author, editor, international entrepreneur, online strategist, director of interactive design, writer, gamer, and clumsy gardener. He has commented on advertising, business, culture, design, economics, marketing, politics, poverty, race relations, technology, etc. in domestic, foreign and scholarly publications including The Chicago Defender, SAGAR, Social Justice Review, Saptamana Financiar (Business Weekly), The Washington Times, etc.

20631447_10155599825968415_40883650_nStan Faryna’s science fiction novella, Francesco Augustine Bernadone, is a hotly contended, mixed genre story that has hints of literary fiction, LitRPG, cyberpunk, dystopia, futurism, romance, magical realism, horror, Christian fantasy, and post-apocalyptic themes. His mixed genre approach wasn’t a marketing strategy, he confesses. He just writes the story he has to tell. It’s a classic story about what it means to be human, to live in the dignity of one’s person, and, ultimately, to live out truth, goodness and beauty.

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Can you imagine the future? How about the second half of the 2020s? Maybe what you imagine is not how Stan Faryna sees it.

The Dollar and Euro have collapsed. The price of one avocado is like what you pay now to go to the movies. Hundreds of millions of gamers hustle in an epic online game competing against artificial intelligence and each other for prizes worth big money. Most of those gamers will be lucky enough to pay for their daily ration of beans and rice. Entrepreneurial players will pay their rent.

Can Francesco find windfall in a dark, dystopian and post-apocalyptic virtual reality game? Zombies, guns, machetes and permadeath in a game might seem inconsequential to us, but the cost of failure will destroy him. Left untreated, his much beloved wife will succumb to cancer.

There is more than a fast and exciting story going on here. Faryna nails three birds with one stone. His long-reflected insights will help some of us to live, love and grow with courage.

Beyond the realism of this tragic, near future world stage for Francesco’s story, Faryna offers sharp insights into the human condition, the power of love, and hope. He does so with a nuanced irony and sensitivity that feels too true to ignore – if also difficult to accept. The author asks us to come to a higher place of self-understanding and action, but he does not throw down a gauntlet of big words and intimidating intellectual challenges.

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