Author Spotlight: S. A. Gibson

S. A. Gibson lives in Southern California working on a dissertation in education and  constructing a fictional future world. His first fiction story was self-published in 2014, and now a total of five books and two short stories are available.

All his stories are set on a future Earth that has lost all advanced technology. People use swords, bows, and staffs to defend themselves. Librarians, as keepers of knowledge and science, have supreme power in most of the world.

His After the Collapse series includes three books, and a boxed set, so far, and follows adventures of Librarians in California, Arizona, and New Mexico in this future world.



Available together for the first time. This box set includes the first three books in S. A. Gibson’s After the Collapse series. This ebook bundle includes Feeling a Way, A Dangerous Way, and In the Horde’s Way.

Feeling a Way: The battle for the future begins. In this post-apocalyptic world, where new dangers and mysterious happenings lurk around every corner, children are being kidnapped, and swordsman William Way must rescue them. Archer for hire, Kalapati, has begun her own quest. As William and Kalapati race to complete their missions, they soon wonder how their efforts will change the future.

A Dangerous Way: Eleanora is hard at work on her foster parent’s farm training herself in the fighting arts and hoping to avoid the same fate as her parents. William is a swordsman for the library, but when the Librarian steps down, chaos throws all into turmoil. Can Eleanora and William restore the peace to this primitive Southwest landscape after the Collapse?

In the Horde’s Way: Henrietta, a soldier with a secret, begins working at the Southwest Library. Meeting Alaya, the Librarian’s daughter, launches them both on an epic and dangerous journey that leads them into the councils of invaders and the tribal chieftains who rule the desert land of the Southwest.

These interconnected tales of a future world without modern technology, will test each character’s loyalty and commitment and ultimately shape their fate. 

The Forbidden Book series includes one book and a short story about Pratima Patel, a library investigator in India. The Library Soul series with one book, Asante’s Gullah Journey and a short story explore the experiences of librarians and farmers among the Gullah people of the Carolinas in the American South.



A new epic adventure with sword and bow.

Beneda loves tending the crops on her family’s farm, until they are attacked by armed strangers. She doesn’t understand how to stop it, as she embarks on a dangerous journey to find help. She appeals to the all-powerful Libraries for help in stopping the land grabbers that threaten her family and village. 

Librarian-swordsman Asante joins her and helps her pull her community together. His sword and Beneda’s bow join forces to protect her birthright. Can Beneda become the leader her grandmother was years before and save her family?

S. A. Gibson classifies his stories as Future Science Fiction that contains common fantasy elements of swords, horse craft, and human fairy tales. His stories retell ancient myths and legends, and he embraces science and myth in his fiction.

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