Author Spotlight: Judith Rook

Born in the UK and now living in Western Australia, Judith Rook has worked as a music teacher, as a mentor for beginning teachers and as a music journalist. She began writing imaginative pieces in childhood and is now writing novels and short stories. She is an avid reader, with science fiction her favorite genre, followed closely by the great classics. In common with many writers, she has a feline sidekick to supervise her work.
Judith has written the following three novels:


Circe is one of the sentient planets in the system; she can think, and the humans who live with her are slightly different from the humans on other planets. However, they keep themselves to themselves and do not make contact with non-thinking planets. But now Circe is reaching out to First Home, the technological giant, the strongest world of the solar system, because she has sensed a great danger just from far off in the galaxy, and she is making plans to deal with it.

Tethyn must escort the envoy and his entourage on an expedition to her hidden family home where he will encounter the planet herself, see some of her powers and learn about her past. The envoy is deeply affected by the experience. During the excursion Tethyn admits to herself that she has come to love Lewis although in return she cannot hope for anything other than his desire. But desire is not enough, and when Lewis wants to take Tethyn to First Home, she refuses him.

Then personal danger for Lewis arrives. An enemy has followed him from First Home, and lives begin to alter.


Borto Claibrook-Merjolaine, born and raised on Circe, the planet with a mind, is the only man of his generation to become a warrior. As he learns combat skills on the neighbouring planet of First Home his mentor, Hal, detects a dark creature hidden deep inside Borto’s personality. Coming from Circe’s own shadow, the being adds extra strength to Borto’s normal Circean abilities.

Also living on First Home, Borto’s sister, Tethyn, realises that she must go to find the source of a great danger which is threatening both Circe and First Home. Another planet farther away in the galaxy has learned about First Home and is preparing an invasion force.

Against the wishes of her beloved man Lewis, First Peer of the High Forest family, Tethyn asks his greatest adversary, Darland Courvenier, to take her to meet a man from the enemy planet so that Circe can learn about the advancing peril and prepare to defeat it.

Circe is also in danger from First Home. Darland and his close friend and lieutenant, Vaire, have begun to realise that Circe is a very special planet, possessing strange powers. They want to learn her secrets. Vaire goes to Circe to discover what he can about her, at the same time drawing Tethyn’s best friend, Rayanna, the woman he has come to deeply desire, unwillingly closer to him. 

Returning briefly to his home planet, Borto finds that contraband weapons have been hidden on her surface, infecting the planet with the negative force they carry. As he helps to defeat the arms smugglers the thing that Borto has been dreading happens and his new powers are revealed. But Borto learns that what has happened to him is right. Even as a changed man, he can remain true to himself and go confidently into the future.


Living on a farm in the north country of England in 1969, David Eldwick has completed high school and is looking forward to his new adult life. His enemy, Martin, lives on the farm next door. He is jealous of David and has made his life at school as unpleasant as possible. 

Soon, Martin and his father will try to seize ownership of the Eldwick land by forcing David’s sister into a marriage with Martin. David warns Martin off, but Martin wants Jenevieve and goes ahead with his plans. 

Although he is determined to protect his sister, David avoids confronting Martin. Then a stranger comes to work on the Eldwick farm, and things begin to change.

The enigmatic stranger, called the Captain, comes from Arrath, an Earth-like world, existing in a parallel universe. He teaches David the Arrathan way of self-defence, and David begins to develop in skill and character.

At the end-of-summer ball, Martin kidnaps Jenevieve. Knowing that he will have to fight, David faces his adversary. He saves Jenevieve, and the captain invites him to visit Arrath.

Setting off with the captain, David meets other people from Arrath, but before they can cross into the parallel universe, they must deal with malevolent beings who have also found their way to Earth, intending to infect it with evil.

Because the presence of Arrathan humans on Earth should not be revealed, David volunteers to draw the creatures away so that his companions can return to their world undetected.

Alone and pursued, he meets the greatest danger of his life, but he must overcome his fear and protect both Arrath and Earth.

What will be David’s path into his future? Does he truly believe that the other universe exists and that it can affect the lives of people on Earth? Will he become a farmer or a warder of Arrath?

The storyline running through “Planet Woman” and “Man of Two Planets” deals with a planet which can think and interact with her colonising humans.  This places both books in the general area of speculative/science fiction.  However, the themes appearing in the narratives narrow the genre area more towards Space Opera.

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