Author Spotlight: Jeanette O’Hagan

JEANETTE O’HAGAN.jpgJeanette O’Hagan writes fantasy and science-fiction, blogs and writes poetry. She began spinning tales in her imaginative secondary world – Nardva – when 8 or 9 years old. Her stories span continents, time and cultures.

Jeanette wrote a novel in her teens, but life intervened until she began writing again in 2012. Since then she has had several short stories and poems published in a number of anthologies (Like a Girl, Another Time Another Place, Glimpses of Light) – with another 4 short stories due to be published this year in Crossroad anthology, Futurevision, Quantum Soul and Tales from the Underground. She published two short stories (The Herbalist’s Daughter and Lakwi’s Lament), and Heart of the Mountain: a short novella. She having just released the sequel, Blood Crystal, this July.

Born in Australia, Jeanette has lived in Australia and Africa – and engaged in few different careers from doctor, lecturer, mother – and now writer. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, two kids and two cats.

Check out her Under the Mountain Series:


YA Fantasy Adventure in the lost realm deep under the mountain.

Twins Delvina and Retza’s greatest desire is to be accepted as prentices by their parents’ old crew when they stumble across a stranger. Trapped under the mountain, young Zadeki’s only thought is to escape home to his kin. Peril awaits all three youngsters. Will they pull apart or work together to save the underground realm?


YA Fantasy Adventure in the lost realm Under the Mountain – Book 2. Blood Crystal: the sequel to Heart of the Mountain

The underground realm is under attack from mad Overseer Uzza and the Crystal Heart is failing. As things become desperate, Twins Delvina and Retza must brave a treacherous journey to seek help from their new friend Zadeki and his people.

Will they find the answers they seek before it’s too late? Is the blood of Uzza’s children the only way to restore the Crystal Heart? What are the twins prepared to do to save their realm and those they love from certain destruction?

Check out her Tamrin Tales Series:


Fantasy Romance – The Herbalist’s Daughter is set in the Golden Palace of Tamra.

Anna has her heart set on the young guard at the Palace but he seems not to notice her and the antics of the young Prince threaten her future.


A middle-grade to Young Adult short story set in the fantasy world of Nardva:

Lakwi would love to read the books in the Royal library, but girls aren’t allowed inside. Her passion for books attracts the attention of her dashing older brother, Prince Rokkan, and her suave cousin, Lord Haka. Will her drive for knowledge lead her into more trouble than she can handle?

You Can Follow Her:

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