Author Spotlight: Bonnie Milani

Bonnie Milani

Bonnie Milani’s stories are garnering attention. Her short story ‘A Hot Day on Titan’ (Visions of Titan Anthology, Lillicat Press, 2015) has been nominated for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award. Her novella ‘Liquid Gambit’ was a Reader’s Choice 2015 Top 100 selection. ‘Home World’ a sci fi novel set on the shattered remains of a future Waikiki, won the 2016 EVVY awards’ 1st place in the science fiction category. Most recently, ‘Home World’ has been awarded the Books Go Social Gold Quality Mark. Bonnie started writing before she started school. Over the years, her articles have appeared in ‘Science Digest’, a variety of East Coast newspapers, and magazines ranging from ‘Mankind’ through regional magazines such as ‘Peninsula’ to ‘Speculations’. On the business side, she’s also written and taught in-house classes for pension administration firms on such delightful topics as (yawn) ‘IRC sections 404 and 415: understanding the differences’ or ‘Implementing REA’ an administrator’s guide to managing the complexities of the Retirement Equity Act.

She holds a Master’s in Communication/Journalism from Stanford and has taught classes in every aspect of writing, from business courses in sales writing to understanding three-act structure in fiction. She is also a freelance editor for indie authors. And when she’s not writing, teaching, or editing she keeps her wits sharpened as an insurance broker.

Check out her story Tales from the Rim:


Welcome to a pair of rousing adventures set on the edges of the star-flung human Commonwealth. ‘Liquid Gambit’ is a sci fi noir call out to ‘Casablanca’. It’s a tale of hope and sacrifice in Rick’s Bar – a lost souls hang out on the last station in human space. In ‘Cherry Pickers’, seventeen-year-old Nikki is determined to prove she’s a woman, even if she has to kidnap the only man on the planet to do it. It’s a rollicking coming-of-age story – with spiders. Romantically challenged spiders.

Check out her story Cherry Pickers:


At seventeen, Nikki Sotolongo has had it with being considered a kid. With her hopelessly romantic adopted brother Sam, Nikki figures the surest way to prove she’s an adult is to lose her virginity. Problem is, Nikki’s mom is director of a woman-only penal colony on the out-to-get-you planet Sisyphus.

So when a supply ship puts in with hot and handsome Jake on board, Nikki and Sam launch a sure-fire plot to procure Nikki’s adulthood and save Sam: they kidnap themselves a Grade A cherry picker. Trouble is, Jake has other plans. To make matters worse, Sam has just been chosen for marriage by the local Sissy warlord – a fate that can literally mean death for an arachnid Sisyphus native like Sam.

And somebody’s trying to get Nikki fed to Sam’s would-be bride.

Check out her story Liquid Gambit:


Death is never more than an airlock away for the denizens of Hell, the last deck before the Void on the last station in human space.

It’s a place where justice is for sale and slavers hawk their human merchandise to the highest bidder. But to Rick, a scarred, bitter Lupan warrior, it’s home – or at least the one place in the known universe where he can ignore all the death warrants on him throughout the rest of the Commonwealth. It’s also the place where a few drops of the most precious liquid in all of human space can buy him a berth on the last ship back to his birth world. Until a mysterious, vaguely familiar woman walks into the dive Rick runs. And brings his deadly, ugly past in with her.

Somehow Rick must unlock the secrets she carries. Because if he fails, he will lose far more than just his life.

Check out her short story The Good Old Days:


Where do you go when the night closes in around you?

You Can Follow Her:

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