Author Spotlight: Ed Charlton

EdEd Charlton grew up in England and currently lives in a former colony. After many years toiling in corporate data systems, he branched out into writing and, subsequently, to providing publishing services to independent authors through his company Scribbulations LLC. Ed owes a debt of gratitude to all in The Write Group based at the Montclair Public Library in Montclair, NJ. He is a member of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County and the founder of The Write Group: Kennett Square, PA. He has a reputation for asking, in the middle of long BBC dramas, “When do the aliens land?” The ABLE series is main stream sci-fi, with Ed’s wry British humor/humour. The books are Kindle Short Reads and constitute an ongoing serial in the old-fashioned sci-fi tradition.

Today we are featuring his novel, Able.

Check it out!


This is the first episode of the sci-fi series published on Kindle only.
Jim Able works in outer space. Although he has returned to duty after a disastrous encounter on a previous assignment, he is determined to enjoy his work. His boss may be on his case, but he still manages to drink a little too much, to eat dubious food, and to smell the alien flora.

In the first episode, Jim is sent to Turcanis Major V to solve a mystery, but with strict instructions not to start a war. Will he find the alien calling himself “Edward of Turcania”? Will he discover who has qualified for the First Contact fee? Will he accidentally foment a revolution?

With the help of a local female scientist, Madhar Nect, Jim investigates the religious minority of TMV’s main moon. He calls on all his resources of patience, determination, and improvisation to finally secure an interview with a Regdenir. And then the trouble starts…

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