Author Spotlight: Shakyra Dunn

Shakyra Dunn is a fantasy author, gamer, and grade-A anarchist (she’s kidding about that last one – we hope). Her fantasies weave a tale in unique worlds filled with magic, mayhem, wonder, and crazy characters that like to throw themselves into the mix. She says, “I still don’t get why they allow themselves to be tortured.”

Today we are featuring her novel, Magic.

Check it out!


Frayle searches through time for a way to save his best friend.

After witnessing Relek Paladere’s murder, the rogue Frayle is thrust twenty years into the past and meets Nova Avery, a Time-Jumper. She wanders the thin lines of fragmented memories and sends Frayle through the windows of the Phantasm. Together, they seek to save his friend, and unearth the mystery of the Guardians heading his world and the origin of one known only as the Creator.

You Can Follow Her:

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