​Epic Quest: Interview with #LitRPG Bestselling author Andrey Vasiliev

Mission: make FAQ’s and make an interview based on them.
Content: To ask readers and fans to find out what questions they would most like to ask the author and get some answers.
Additional information: questions – the series of Fayroll, Andrey Vasiliev, and the book ‘The Road East’.
Reward: + 10K to reputation in the Guild of writers and readers, LUT-answers Boss Vasiliev.
Forfeit: temporary debuff of karma.
Of course, how could we refuse?) So, let’s get acquainted?
Andrey Vasiliev — one of the brightest representatives of a new generation of authors who today defines the face of Russian fiction.
Starting in 2013, he quickly took the leading position in the LitRPG genre, entering the arena of the most popular and best-selling authors. However initially Vasiliev was not serious, considering his work on the books something of a hobby. But the response of the readers changed his mind.
I think every reader knows this state after the end of the book – when there are questions, those you would like to ask the author. Andrey, to our delight, gladly agreed.
Andrey, do you consider “Fayroll” a kind of classic Russian Literature? Why?
By definition, classic literature works, it is considered a model for a different era. As far as my books are concerned, only the readers can answer that, not me.
You said earlier that you considered yourself an amateur-writer. And now, when so many books have been written and published, do you see yourself as an amateur or pro? And do you notice your style changing with each book or does it stay the same?
I’ve always called myself a “storyteller”. “The storyteller” is more correct.  Although, of course, if you compare my first book, for example, with the latter, the difference is visible. And it’s not just my point of view, but readers too.
Why did you start writing this series?
I liked the LitRPG genre, which, in 2013, was just appearing. Let’s just say I wanted at some point to create a world, gathering everything that was missing in the books of other authors. Well, and be entertained a little bit (smiling).
Recently Fayroll part 2 was released in English. What was the inspiration for writing this book, why the East?
Why the East? And why not. Just the hero of the book went from the West to the East, which is quite logical. Well, then – why not argue with Kipling, who claimed that “East is East, West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” I have them together (smiles). Again – the reader needs a change of scenery and excitement, and what could be more interesting than the East, with its sands, oases, and bustling bazaars? Except the North. But that is the topic of the next book.
What did you like/remember writing this book?
That I’ve actually written it. The first book was written as a joke, I didn’t expect that it will be interesting to a large number of readers. However, that was wrong, the people said in unison: “what would happen next?” Well, and the fact that I was in the process of working on it, I realized that the story seems to be longer and more multifaceted than I originally thought. And, even then, almost immediately after finishing I was offered a contract to publish my books.
What about the personality of your characters, are they based on any real-life people or are they fictional? If the first is true, are they based on you and your family or someone you met?
Some characters are loosely based on real people, some not. In the second book, almost all the game characters are fictional. But in the first it featured the heroes Carolina, and Amaze – they are the nicknames of players in my clan in the game “Lord of the Rings Online”. And Reynard the Fox is my nickname in all games.
What real MMORPG was the inspiration for Fayroll?
This game isn’t based on any other. In fact, all the authors in this genre don’t really base their work on existing projects, but write about the game that they would like to see. The ideal game for them.
Do you play any MMO’s?
I’ve played “Lord of the Rings Online,” which, sadly, at the moment, is not supported in Russia. It’s a shame. One of the games I like is the latest “WoW“ and I’m glad that “Blizzy” has returned to the epic hardcore setting.
What book would you take to a desert island (or into the desert? )?
M. A. Bulgakov, “Master and Margarita”. I’ve read it annually for over a quarter of a century and find something new in it every time.
Andrey would take Bulgakov and we would take “Fayroll”. The cycle of 12 books, you see, is enough for a couple of weeks of exciting reading.
And if we talk about the number of books and hard-working Muse, did you know that the author’s portfolio has twenty novels written for different genres – from LitRPG to Urban Fantasy. This is not the limit. “I am interested in all genres” – he commented – “it is Impossible to focus on one thing. It is not interesting for me and for readers.”
Perhaps it is because of this approach, he quickly reaches the widest possible audience: everyone finds something that is attracts them: his characters, his plot, and his huge adventurous world.
About the Author:
Andrei Vassilyev is one of Russias most popular LitRPG writers. His first work was published in 2014 and voted book of the year, which he wrote because he ‘ran out of things to read’. Since then he has given up his banking career to focus on his writing and complete his 12 part Fayroll series amongst others. Andrei is a huge fan of fantasy novels.  Fayroll is now available in English and has proven a success thanks to the authors fantastic descriptions and sense of humour. The books have also got an excellent translator and we get many compliments for his work. Fayroll has been top of its catagories in Amazon and continues to thrive and we were even higher than Tolstoy claiming both the first, second and fourth places in the Russian catagory. With 4.5 star ratings on Goodread and the same on Amazon it shows how his work keeps improving.  I would like to offer you this interview as we feel that the publicity would benefit our company as it would help to promote LitRPG from Russia while also helping the fans of Fayroll to connect more with the author and series.  Fayroll part 4 ‘The Gong and the Chalice’ came out on August 15.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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