About SciFan™ Magazine

SciFan™ Magazine is a magazine dedicated to the celebration of all things science fiction, fantasy and science fantasy (to learn more about science fantasy as a genre, click here). Their appreciation for the genre is shown by publishing a monthly digital and print magazine and also hosting web serial content, author interviews, short stories and more on their website.

The magazine is co-produced by Richard M. Mulder and Dayne Edmondson. It is supported by many authors in the community who serve in many roles, wear many hats and work their butts off to make SciFan™ Magazine what it is.

The Review Team is the group of authors who read and review each submission. They then vote for and comment on submissions and the “cream of the crop” are selected for publication. The team includes the following individuals:

  • Patrick Hodges
  • Ian Mitchell
  • Kayla Matt
  • Mandi Jourdan
  • Trey McIntosh
  • Stan Faryna
  • Richard M. Mulder
  • Dayne Edmondson

The Editorial Team are the individuals who are responsible for formatting and editing each issue of SciFan™ Magazine in both print and digital formats:

  • Patrick Hodges – Senior Editor
  • Dayne Edmondson – Compiler, co-producer, formatter, editor
  • Richard Mulder – Formatter, editor

Readers/Fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy or Science Fantasy are encouraged to visit this page to view the back-issues.

Authors in the genre are encouraged to visit the magazine’s Submittable page to view submission guidelines and consider submitting.