Who is Aleric Elos?

Surprise! It’s me, Richard M. Mulder. I’ve chosen to adopt a Pen Name for my LitRPG series. So don’t worry! My account didn’t get hacked or something crazy. Lol. There are three primary reasons I chose to adopt Aleric Elos as a pen name. I asked myself the following three questions:

1) Marketability – does your name match your genre?

2) Visibility – is your real name too long?

3) Branding – Is your name unique? What happens when you Google your name?

After a self-evaluation, I quickly determined that the answer to all three of the above questions were each a resounding “No”.

1) Marketability – I did some research, and quickly realized that there are two primary trends for LitRPG authors: their names are either Russian or Greek. This obviously isn’t a coincidence – so I chose to follow the Greek route.

2) Visibility – when I took a good look at my name “Richard M. Mulder” on the cover, I had to admit that the only way to contain my name in one line was to choose a smaller font. In the past I’ve placed my name on two lines, but that only distracts from the Title. “Aleric Elos” is only 10 characters long plus 1 space versus 15 characters long plus 2 spaces. Even in all caps, Aleric Elos stands out on the cover much better, and doesn’t distract from the Title.

3) Branding – I’d always considered my last name to be unique, but now that Netflix has revived X-Files, it’s becoming more and more difficult to top the Google search results. As such, my given name isn’t a very viable option if I want to fully market my brand.

So, I’ve now fully adopted Aleric Elos as my new pen name. My new website at Aleric-Elos.com is still a construction zone, so stay tuned as I start up my new blog there. You can still expect to see the same high quality writing in my posted chapters, and you’ll start seeing a lot more from me as I ramp up for my official release of Conquest: A LitRPG Story on June 1st!

#SciFan and #LitRPG Genre Tour


Welcome to the fairgrounds for the SciFan and LitRPG Genre Tour for B2B CyCon 2017! SciFan Magazine is proud to host this Genre Tour, and are excited to announce the release of two special issues:

SciFan Magazine April 2017 – LitRPG Edition


SciFan Magazine April 2017 – Science Fantasy Edition


We also have several amazing Authors for you to meet and a selection of over 50+ novels for you to choose from in our expansive library! Go check them out now!


After you finish browsing our library, check out our Adventure Quest trivia game where you can learn about several of our amazing author’s stories. When you complete the quiz, don’t forget to add your email so that you can receive an exclusive copy of our B2B CyCon Edition of SciFan™ Magazine after the event on Monday April 9th!


B2B CyCon is also hosting Cover Wars for SciFan & LitRPG!


And don’t forget to join us LIVE at the following venues and times:

Friday, April 7th:
Hosted in the “Science Fantasy Society” group located at http://www.facebook.com/groups/SciFanSociety

2:00 PM to Midnight EST

Saturday, April 8th:
Hosted in the “LitRPG Society” group located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1064527556978838

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

Sunday, April 9th:
Hosted in the “Science Fiction, Fantasy and other genres: learning to promote effectively” group located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1132459036786385

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST

Thank you for exploring our Genre Tour! You can return to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and visit other genre tours by clicking here.

Our First #LitRPG Edition of #SciFan Magazine Releases Next Friday!

We are very excited to be releasing our first LitRPG Edition of SciFan™ Magazine next week! We are proud to present the creative works of several talented authors who write in the LitRPG genre. Among these authors, we secured an Exclusive Sneak Peek to Amazon Bestselling Author Blaise Corvin’s upcoming sequel to his popular novel “Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred” which is scheduled to be released on April 7th 2017! Come meet the God Emperor of LitRPG

Grab your copy now while it’s still only 99 cents!

Here’s some of the reviews from our Submission Review Board:

Farmy of One by Brian Simons:

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a protagonist farming in a LitRPG story. I enjoyed the combat between Bronwen the Mudfolk and the vermin infesting her garden with a hoe. Farmy of one was fun quick read.” – Ian Mitchell 

Desperate Times by Matthew Sylvester

“Desperate Times puts you right smack in the middle of a battle. This has the feelling of saving private Ryan mixed with the emotional backing to make you have feelings of being right in the middle of the chaos. For a short story, I wish this went on for a longer time.” – Paul Campbell Jr.

 Control+Alt+Sadit by Alfonso Alonso

“I was very impressed by this story. A 15 year old boy who is down on his luck decides to commit virtual suicide by purposely entering a game that he knows has malfunctioned and is trapping in all users. He unwittingly becomes the ring leader of a gang of pirates, and learns some very valuable lessons. I give it 5 stars!” – Richard M. Mulder 

Unreality by Bethany McTrustery

“Unreality was a surreal cyberpunk LitRPG experience. It evoked imagery similar to Blade Runner, Snow Crash, or Johnny Mnemonic – dark, dangerous, and dreamlike. I enjoyed this journey into what is a game and what is real.” – Ian Mitchell

Tris the Tinker by Isaac Winter 

“The experience of reading Tris the Tinker was like watching a favorite anime for me. I start out walking with Tris to a party, hear her internal schemes to steal the last ingredient for her long-running project and then I’m swept up in a fast paced adventure to save the party-goers. This had a great fantasy setting with tasty litRPG elements. Poor Tris. She did the right thing.” – Ian Mitchell

Know Thy Enemy by Dawn Chapman and Matthew Ferraz

“Well, I entered into this book never having read a LitRPG before or having much awareness of it other than it being similar to RPG and had level up stats in it. I have to say that it was much better than what I was expecting… I found it easy to read, thought the writing was very good… The information provided introduced me into the dynamics of the game being played, and I found it quite interesting to see the stats within the text… There’s a good balance of dialogue/narration from both authors, good show/tell and most important of all, I found it engaging and genuinely wanted to read on which is always a good sign. I’m intrigued…” – Michelle Dunbar, Editor


Our Biggest #SciFan Event Ever!

In 2 weeks on April 7, 8 & 9 SciFan Magazine in partnership with Brain to Books Cyber Convention  (B2B CyCon) will be hosting our biggest Release Party ever! We are releasing two editions of SciFan Magazine – our 4th Science Fantasy edition, and our 1st LitRPG edition!We will be hosting the following events for the SciFan & LitRPG Genre Tour:

3 days of Author Takeover Events:

A Blog Hop Hunt (the first post will be found on http://www.SciFanMagazine.com, so stay tuned for April 7th!)

An Amazon Treasure Hunt (a Quiz that will require you to dig through the Look Inside pages of participating authors, resulting in a prize at the end). Instructions will be posted in the sidebar at http://www.SciFanMagazine.com.

If you get lost, all of the fun details will be listed at http://www.B2BCyCon.com – so make sure you mark your calendars!

Brain to Book Cyber Convention and Book Expo – Authors Wanted!

Authors – want more exposure?

Want an expected 5,000 readers to have the chance to find you?

Why not give the 2017 Brain to Books CyberCon a try?

We’ve already signed on 180+ authors, and we’re giving prizes away to some of the lucky attendees — your book could end up in one of their hands.

 Stop by the Brain to Books Cyber Conversion and Book Expo web site for details on how and where to sign up!

(Registration ends March 17th, 2017)

 Genres include: Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, SciFan (science  fantasy), Historical Fiction, Thriller, Mystery/Suspense, Memoir/Non-Fiction, Romance, YA

Don’t miss out on the opportunity or the fun!

#SciFan Magazine @SciFanMag March 2017 Issue Release Party is happening now!

scifanmagazinemar4-1We are LIVE right now! https://www.facebook.com/events/1787715204884713/

We have an exciting lineup of authors today whom you can meet and learn about:

Saturday, February 25th 2017:
Time EST
10:00 AM Adam Dreece
11:00 AM Trey McIntosh
12:00 PM M.L. Spencer
1:00 PM Dawn Chapman
2:00 PM Tom Fallwell
3:00 PM Rebecca Jaycox

We also have a very special announcement! Our 1st and 2nd issues of SciFan™ Magazine are now FREE for a limited time!


And no collection is complete without the 3rd installment! Grab your copy of SciFan™ Magazine March 2017 for only 99 cents!

#SciFan Magazine @SciFanMag March 2017 Issue Release Party Starts Tonight at 7PM EST!

SciFanMagazineMar4 (1).jpg

We, the editors of SciFan™ Magazine are very excited to release our third issue tomorrow! Please go Pre-Order your copy now. It will be delivered to your Kindle tonight at Midnight! We have also opted back in for Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a member you can get it for free! http://amzn.to/2lDuZlV

Tonight starting at 7 PM EST and tomorrow starting at 10 AM EST we will be hosting a Release Party where you will get a chance to meet some of our talented authors! Welcome one and all! http://bit.ly/2lhtBVf Please make sure you mark the “Going” button so that you’ll receive a reminder when the event goes live tonight.

Here’s some of the reviews for March’s issue from our dedicated submission Review Team members:

Stormguard: The Invisible War – Part III by Tom Fallwell
“A fast-paced and very competently written chapter in this long story arc. The characters are well rounded, the situations are strong and the world-building is completely convincing.”
– Judith Rook

Sterick by Stephen Clements
“A very engrossing tale that holds the reader and carries them to the final climax.”
– Tom Fallwell

“A finely-written “Standard SciFan” story which seizes interest at the outset, continuing and increasing the intensity, until the climactic moment of revelation.”
– Judith Rook

Crow Barn by DC Diamondopolous
“The story moves from the harsh reality of a post-apocalyptic existence, through a portal transformation, to salvation in a safe and beautiful world.”
– Judith Rook

“Nice story. …post-apocalyptic with heavy fantasy elements in the final result… It is a very interesting and entertaining read. I like it.”
– Tom Fallwell

“It’s beautifully written and engaging.”
– Patrick Hodges

The Hoarder by Jeff Stevenson
“A very well-written and well-presented story, with a good build-up of suspense and hints of a darkly fantastic/horror outcome.”
– Judith Rook

The Temple of Gix’Thian by Drew Cordell
“Enjoyed this a lot. The story was easy to follow and, while a few word choices could have been better, it was well-written.”
– Patrick Hodges

Planting Seeds by CB Droege
“It kind of seems like the start of something bigger, but also is so compact it just leaves you wanting more.”
– Dawn Chapman

“The basic concept is both intriguing and relevant and will attract interest. It proves that in the hands of a good writer, a very short story can have a very big impact.”
– Judith Rook

Page Patrol by Chris Nardone
I actually enjoyed the story. …it does just fit the scifan genre and would offer some diversity. I think I even chuckled once or twice.
– Aaron-Michael Hall