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SciFan™ Magazine Issue 9 is Now Available!

Hey everyone, happy September! Check out the 9th issue of SciFan™ Magazine! Below is the product description from Amazon and of course the link to purchase in digital OR print!

Legend Quest – Written by Chris Nardone

In the middle ages, a monstrous evil was confronted and destroyed…or so they thought. Now five hundred years later, that evil is about to resurface in the Old West. When a dangerous hunt reveals an age-old curse, two cousins are all that stand between a cataclysm of demonic proportions.

The Pop Singer – Written by Todd Sullivan

The Pop Singer’s newest fan may be the death of him.

Soraya: A Wielders of Arantha Prequel (Part Seven) – Written by Patrick Hodges

The ongoing Soraya serial continues.

The Boardwalk Cats – Written by Ken Goldman

The legend and lore surrounding cats and their mysterious abilities to bewitch is explored in a contemporary setting of both sci-fantasy and dark fiction. Told from both feline and human perspectives, “The Boardwalk Cats” explains just what may be going on inside those mysterious feline brains.

Fate’s Daughters – Written by M. C. Tuggle

When Dr. Thomas Lear discovers how to peer into alternate versions of his life, he learns what would have happened if he hadn’t made choices he now regrets.

Excerpt from Infractus – Written by Sarah L. Johnson

The Bourne Identity meets the Book of Revelation when an assassin joins forces with an Archangel to destroy an oppressive global regime.

Epic Quest: Interview with Andrey Vasiliev

Sentinel – Written by Mandi Jourdan

Lucius struggles to reconcile the rumors of his queen’s treachery with what he recalls from growing up alongside her.

A Wizard’s Forge – Written by A.M. Justice

Scholar. Slave. Warrior. Wizard.

On a planet far from Earth, descendants of marooned space travelers fight a decades-long war. After seizing an opportunity to escape, Vic joins the fight against her former captor and begins walking a bloody path toward revenge. An unexpected discovery gives her the power to wreak the vengeance she craves, but it might also destroy her only chance for peace.

Stormguard Part VIII: The Invisible War – Written by Tom Fallwell

Zak and the Stormguard begin an all out assault against Lucifer’s fortress to stop the Fallen’s plans and free Uriel.

The Last Visit – Written by Richard Flores IV

If technology allowed the dead to visit their loved ones, even just once a year, how would it change the way we mourn? Would it be as pleasant of an experience as we think it should be?

The Silver Key – Written by Fariel Shafee

Several people engage in a deadly game that opens up a portal in space to transport them to fantasy worlds.

SciFan Preview: Dragonblood Throne: Legacy – Written by Tom Fallwell

Delina must find the essence of the dragon inside to defeat the usurper who murdered her father and reclaim the Dragon Throne.

Becoming A Torin – Written by Matthew McKiernan

Rez is a soldier in the human army and the two of them go to visit his human master, Lord Venrick. There is something of a cultural clash between the two brothers and Lord Venrick, who has replaced many of his body parts with animal and plant parts.

Who is John Dionysius – Written by Stan Faryna

Who is John Dionysius? Find out in SciFan Magazine! John is briefly mentioned in Stan Faryna’s debut novella: #FAB

SciFan Featured Preview: Hero of Naught – Written by Jeffrey Falcon Logue

Following the destruction brought forth by the human-AI wars, humanity was forced to adapt. Two centuries later, the two forces have finally come together.

SciFan Exclusive Preview: Book One – Behind The Vale – Written by: Brian D. Anderson

Read inside for an exclusive sneak peek.

SciFan™ HUGE Summer Sale and Cover Reveal!

We are SciFan and we’re having a sale with new covers!

First the great news. Issues 1-7 will be discounted or FREE during the following days:

  • Issue 1: 99 cents (couldn’t make it FREE, we tried!)
  • Issue 2: FREE from the 19th-23rd
  • Issue 3: FREE from the 19th-23rd
  • Issue 4: 99 cents from the 19th-26th
  • Issue 5: 99 cents from the 19th-26th
  • Issue 6: FREE from 19th-23rd
  • Issue 7: 99 cents from 20th-27th
  • Issue 8: Newly released and only $2.99
  • Issue 9: Now available for pre-order!

There is NO better time to grab some of those back-issues of SciFan Magazine. Just think, you can get SEVEN issues of SciFan Magazine for under $4.00! Unbeatable!

But wait, there’s more (feeling like an infomercial now)! For just $14.95  Whoops 😛

We have new covers!

Check out these beautiful covers that have been re-done:

Issue 1 new cover with author names

Issue 2 cover with authors

Issue 3 cover with author names.jpg

Issue 4 cover with author names.jpg

Issue 5 cover with author names

Issue 6 cover with author names.jpg

Issue 7 Cover with author names

Issue 8 cover with artwork.jpg

And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Issue 9! (crowd goes wild)

Issue 9 Cover with author names

Prepare to go beyond your imagination this summer with the first 8 issues of SciFan™ Magazine!

P.S. Don’t forget the HUGE SciFan™ Grand Giveaway going on now too!

Dayne Edmondson, co-producer


SciFan™ Magazine Grand Giveaway

Hey there everyone, just a reminder that SciFan Magazine is running a Grand Giveaway beginning August 9th and going until September 9th.

We are giving away some BIG prizes:

  1. An Amazon Kindle e-reader
  2. 3 $25.00 Amazon gift cards
  3. 5 codes for free audiobooks on Audible

Here’s the link to the giveaway.

We are asking you to share this giveaway (and enter it yourself). These are enticing prizes and it should be easy to share with your fans/friends/family to get them to enter the giveaway.

Please share multiple times throughout the month of August and into September. Here are some ideas of how to share:

  • Put a link in your newsletter emails
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  • Enter the giveaway yourself
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Thank you for your support of SciFan Magazine thus far. We are SciFan!

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Dayne Edmondson, co-producer

An Open Letter to the SciFan™ Community

“We are SciFan.” Those are the words that first intrigued me about the merging of science fiction and fantasy known as science fantasy. It was late 2016 and I had stumbled upon the science fantasy community. I saw posts from Richard Mulder and other admins and learned more about science fantasy as a whole. I learned Richard had trademarked the SciFan logo he designed. I approached him in December 2016 about SciFan™ Magazine and the rest is history.

We are now 8 (soon to be 9) issues into SciFan™ Magazine and we find ourselves at a crossroad. To continue the Magazine, for which we have an extreme passion for, or shut it down.

You see, the purpose SciFan™ Magazine is and always has been about the authors. It has been about giving authors who might never have gotten a platform a shot to reach readers on the largest potential market in the world – Amazon and to reward them with a (for now) token amount of money for temporary publication rights. At the same time, it has been about giving readers the highest quality content from the pool of submissions. We’ve accomplished these two goals in the following ways:

  1. From the start, we implemented the SciFan™ Magazine Submission Review Team. A group of 8 authors, bloggers, and readers who volunteered their valuable time to read a great many submissions. The idea was that a multitude of opinions on the quality of submissions would ensure the highest quality work was chosen for publication in the Magazine.
  2. We have always paid authors who submit short stories to the Magazine and are accepted. Our pay has increased significantly since we began this endeavor but we still have a long way to go (more on this later).
  3. We publish each issue on Amazon in both print and digital format. This helps us potentially reach the largest pool of readers possible.

Now for the reason behind writing this letter. Now we talk about the challenges SciFan™ Magazine faces:

  1. Our volunteers – Every reader on the Review Team is a volunteer. We have had past reviewers who left due to real life obligations and other reasons and new ones replace them over the months. With every passing day, we regret not having the financial means to reward the volunteers who are so crucial to the production process.
  2. Our authors – Every author, whether we accept their submissions or not, matters. They pour their sweat, blood, and tears into their short stories and put themselves out there on the chance we will accept them. We have made strides in increasing the token amount we pay these authors, but we still have a long way to go. $40 for a 10,000-word short story is just not enough incentive to authors. That’s the feedback we’ve heard and it’s a sentiment we 100% agree with. It should be higher. But again, we don’t have the funds.
  3. Amazon sales – Amazon sales have been extremely poor (3 print and 10 e-book sales for the 8th issue, 1 and 2 for issue 7). Although Amazon is the largest market we have struggled to reach readers. Perhaps readers don’t like anthologies, perhaps our covers need reworking, perhaps we need to pay more for advertising. Whatever the reason, the fact is we are not making “big bank” from  Magazine sales and this impacts our ability to address point 1 and 2 (pay our volunteers and pay authors more) because we are pulling not from profits but from our own personal funds.

So you may be asking, “what can I do?” Here is how you, whether author, reader, blogger or good Samaritan, can help keep SciFan™ Magazine not just alive but flourishing.

  1. Donate to the Magazine through PayPal. Every DOLLAR goes to the following:
    1. Paying our volunteers. 60% of every dollar received through donations goes into a pool split amongst the Submission Review Team volunteers each month.
    2. Paying our authors. 40% of every dollar received through donations goes toward paying authors for submissions we accept. As donations exceed the amount we pay authors in total we will increase the amount we pay per word.
  2. Become a Patron through Patreon. Donate any amount to the Magazine on a monthly basis. EVERY donation received through Patreon goes toward the goal of paying the hardworking authors who submit the Magazine more money.
  3. Purchase the Magazine on Amazon. One of the simplest (and cheapest) things you can do to support the Magazine is buying and reading the Magazine each month. Support these hard-working authors by purchasing each issue, reading the stories that interest you and then connecting with the authors. Give them feedback. Tell them you love their story or a particular element of it. Authors love to know their work is being read. Purchases on Amazon also boost our ranking on Amazon, which increases discoverability. Profit from the Magazine goes toward advertising and production costs.
  4. Buy a T-Shirt to help support our cause. These shirts are only available for an extremely limited time, and come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. 100% of these donations will go toward marketing efforts to bring awareness to SciFan™ Magazine.

TLDR: We are not asking for pity. We are asking for donations and support from the SciFan™ community to continue making SciFan™ Magazine, a magazine dedicated to our authors and readers first and foremost, a success for years to come.

Best regards,

Dayne Edmondson, co-producer