SciFan Author Angelique Anderson


Angelique S. Anderson is an award-winning author, mom to four precocious littles, and adventurer at heart.

A fan of Chronicles of Narnia growing up, and an avid song and poem writer, she wrote her first novel in November of 2013. In it, her passion was born, and she went on to write the second and third to what would become a young adult fantasy series. Unable to quell the desire to write after the fantasy series, she went on to write a five-time award winning sci-fi novel, Eden’s Serum, with its sequel, Eden’s Demise, released in March of 2017. Always an advocate for foster children, she also wrote her personal story of abuse and neglect in Award winning Little Lost Girl: The Complete Series. Her hope is that through her writing, people will find help, encouragement, and great story telling. Her next novel; a steampunk science fantasy, The Dragon Lady is set to release May 1rt. It has been her most fun, and most challenging novel to date and she is excited to share it with her readers!

In The Dragon Lady, Wylie Petford discovers a magical device that with its moon and star face, and dragon hands, seems to be just an odd sort of pocket watch. She later learns from a visit with a prestigious scientist the true name for it is The Dragometer, a magical device with a key to her heritage.

Tragic loss, the ending of her closest friendship, and the taking over of her home and town by Villainous Lord Ukridge…. is there no good to come from her life?

With the help of a spitfire sidekick, a miniature brass and baubles dragon, named Quincy, her inventor of an employer, and steam-powered trinkets, Wylie is about to go on the adventure of a life time.

19th Century London has seen nothing like this – The Dragon Lady is ready to sweep you up in a steampunk world full of corsets, steam-powered gadgets, and dastardly villains.






#SciFan and #LitRPG Genre Tour


Welcome to the fairgrounds for the SciFan and LitRPG Genre Tour for B2B CyCon 2017! SciFan Magazine is proud to host this Genre Tour, and are excited to announce the release of two special issues:

SciFan Magazine April 2017 – LitRPG Edition


SciFan Magazine April 2017 – Science Fantasy Edition


We also have several amazing Authors for you to meet and a selection of over 50+ novels for you to choose from in our expansive library! Go check them out now!


After you finish browsing our library, check out our Adventure Quest trivia game where you can learn about several of our amazing author’s stories. When you complete the quiz, don’t forget to add your email so that you can receive an exclusive copy of our B2B CyCon Edition of SciFan™ Magazine after the event on Monday April 9th!


B2B CyCon is also hosting Cover Wars for SciFan & LitRPG!


And don’t forget to join us LIVE at the following venues and times:

Friday, April 7th:
Hosted in the “Science Fantasy Society” group located at

2:00 PM to Midnight EST

Saturday, April 8th:
Hosted in the “LitRPG Society” group located at

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

Sunday, April 9th:
Hosted in the “Science Fiction, Fantasy and other genres: learning to promote effectively” group located at

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST

Thank you for exploring our Genre Tour! You can return to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and visit other genre tours by clicking here.

SciFan Author Jared Fleming


Who are you?

I am Jared J. Fleming, a 17 year old writer who has recently joined the ranks of SciFan. Between my writing, school, and personal life, I hardly have much free time. I’m trying my best, and feel a little intimidated at times by SciFan, but the group’s done a good job at making me feel welcome.

What have you written?

Nothing large, though I am working on multiple projects right now, ranging from novellas to epics. The one I am currently working on that could be called science-fantasy is UMBRA, a cyberpunk story exploring a mixture of religious themes and transhumanism, two issues that are very close to be for very different reasons.

How does your story classify under the genre of Science Fantasy?

UMBRA is a science fantasy story, and a cyberpunk story. Despite the very high technology of the latter, its very easy to make the genre fantastical. Nanobots and fireballs go together rather well. In this case, the story obeys the cyberpunk trope of “high tech, low life,” following a group of genetically, mechanically, and magically augmented teenagers from the upper spires of a massive city as they go into the “bad part” of town…of course, that “bad part” happens to have eldritch monsters, mutants with multiple heads, nanobots that tear you apart cell by cell, and more.

What do you consider important in writing?

Diversity, and compassion. Given most of my stories are grim and dark, filled with all sorts of nasty things that are meant to edge closer and closer to horror, this may sound like an odd thing to consider important.Now, I don’t mean that you should write fluffy, happy stories all the time. God knows I don’t.

What do I mean by that, then? Well, it’s simple. If you write a diverse story, showing reality as it is, that is, full of people from every walk of life. And it’s important to people from groups that are minorities that they aren’t shown as caricatures of themselves. Showing people as people is important, above all else. Be compassionate, and realize that just because a character is gay, or black, or transgender, or some combination thereof, they are not defined by those traits. In my opinion, if a character is created, they should be made with as much complexity as the main character. After all, everyone has an entire life that isn’t shown, but exists anyways.

So, people who include token characters, or use minority characters to express the author’s own views on said minority, or something to that effect really don’t command much respect from me.

Where can you be reached on social media?

I can be treated on Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook. I also have a patreon.

Most of my writing is put on RoyalRoadOnline, and can be viewed there as well. This link specifically links to the story I mentioned above, UMBRA.

Our First #LitRPG Edition of #SciFan Magazine Releases Next Friday!

We are very excited to be releasing our first LitRPG Edition of SciFan™ Magazine next week! We are proud to present the creative works of several talented authors who write in the LitRPG genre. Among these authors, we secured an Exclusive Sneak Peek to Amazon Bestselling Author Blaise Corvin’s upcoming sequel to his popular novel “Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred” which is scheduled to be released on April 7th 2017! Come meet the God Emperor of LitRPG

Grab your copy now while it’s still only 99 cents!

Here’s some of the reviews from our Submission Review Board:

Farmy of One by Brian Simons:

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a protagonist farming in a LitRPG story. I enjoyed the combat between Bronwen the Mudfolk and the vermin infesting her garden with a hoe. Farmy of one was fun quick read.” – Ian Mitchell 

Desperate Times by Matthew Sylvester

“Desperate Times puts you right smack in the middle of a battle. This has the feelling of saving private Ryan mixed with the emotional backing to make you have feelings of being right in the middle of the chaos. For a short story, I wish this went on for a longer time.” – Paul Campbell Jr.

 Control+Alt+Sadit by Alfonso Alonso

“I was very impressed by this story. A 15 year old boy who is down on his luck decides to commit virtual suicide by purposely entering a game that he knows has malfunctioned and is trapping in all users. He unwittingly becomes the ring leader of a gang of pirates, and learns some very valuable lessons. I give it 5 stars!” – Richard M. Mulder 

Unreality by Bethany McTrustery

“Unreality was a surreal cyberpunk LitRPG experience. It evoked imagery similar to Blade Runner, Snow Crash, or Johnny Mnemonic – dark, dangerous, and dreamlike. I enjoyed this journey into what is a game and what is real.” – Ian Mitchell

Tris the Tinker by Isaac Winter 

“The experience of reading Tris the Tinker was like watching a favorite anime for me. I start out walking with Tris to a party, hear her internal schemes to steal the last ingredient for her long-running project and then I’m swept up in a fast paced adventure to save the party-goers. This had a great fantasy setting with tasty litRPG elements. Poor Tris. She did the right thing.” – Ian Mitchell

Know Thy Enemy by Dawn Chapman and Matthew Ferraz

“Well, I entered into this book never having read a LitRPG before or having much awareness of it other than it being similar to RPG and had level up stats in it. I have to say that it was much better than what I was expecting… I found it easy to read, thought the writing was very good… The information provided introduced me into the dynamics of the game being played, and I found it quite interesting to see the stats within the text… There’s a good balance of dialogue/narration from both authors, good show/tell and most important of all, I found it engaging and genuinely wanted to read on which is always a good sign. I’m intrigued…” – Michelle Dunbar, Editor


Our Biggest #SciFan Event Ever!

In 2 weeks on April 7, 8 & 9 SciFan Magazine in partnership with Brain to Books Cyber Convention  (B2B CyCon) will be hosting our biggest Release Party ever! We are releasing two editions of SciFan Magazine – our 4th Science Fantasy edition, and our 1st LitRPG edition!We will be hosting the following events for the SciFan & LitRPG Genre Tour:

3 days of Author Takeover Events:

A Blog Hop Hunt (the first post will be found on, so stay tuned for April 7th!)

An Amazon Treasure Hunt (a Quiz that will require you to dig through the Look Inside pages of participating authors, resulting in a prize at the end). Instructions will be posted in the sidebar at

If you get lost, all of the fun details will be listed at – so make sure you mark your calendars!




Hello, everyone! My name is Mackenzie Flohr and I am the author of the new young adult fantasy series called The Rite of Wands, published through BHC Press. The character I chose for this event is Mierta McKinnon, one of the main characters in the series, who is also quickly becoming a #readersfavorite:

One boy…one Rite… And a world of deadly secrets that could change the course of history—forever.

And so begins the tale of Mierta McKinnon. When a horrible fate reveals itself during his Rite of Wands ceremony, he must find a way to change not only his destiny but also the land of Iverna’s.

Forbidden from revealing the future he foresees to anyone, he is granted a wand and his magical powers, but still must master the realm of magic in order to save himself and those he loves.

But Mierta is not the only one with secrets…especially when it’s impossible to know who to trust.

I hope you will join me on 15 March to find out more about him and his Rite of Wands. You will find magic, humor, suspense, and even some mystery. This series is perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who (specifically fans of the Eleventh Doctor).

Here’s my author page if you are interested in finding out more about my book. You can even read the first two chapters!


Come join the event to meet the character!




March 15 is fast approaching. On that date, you’ll be able to talk to Kelia, Protectress of the Ixtrayu on the planet Elystra, one of the primary characters in the upcoming Science-Fantasy epic story “The Wielders of Arantha – Book One: Pawns”. She’s a fascinating lady, and her story is quite complex!

Come join the event to meet the character!