LitRPG Edition Submissions

We are accepting Short Stories and Sample Previews in the LitRPG genre for the Quarterly LitRPG-Exclusive editions of our digital magazine! Please read the submission rules and requirements below prior to submission.


SciFan™ Magazine is pleased to offer a perpetual split royalty for our quarterly LitRPG-exclusive editions. Each monthly payment will be delivered via PayPal within 15 days upon the magazine’s receipt from our multiple publishing platforms (please be advised that the first payout may take up to 90 days before receipt). We are primarily looking for LitRPG short stories under 15,000 words, but will also consider previews of larger works.

Genre Requirement

All content for these exclusive issues must be LitRPG stories. No exceptions.

LitRPG is a newer genre that is a mixture of Science Fiction, Sword and Sorcery and MMO/Reincarnation elements. Leveling is a key component in LitRPG, while other books can still be LitGaming if there is a HUD or similar system.

Additional consideration will be given if Science Fantasy elements are incorporated: i.e. the story includes a combination of supernatural, technological and gaming elements.

Content Categories:

  1. Short Stories
    1. Must be between 1,000 and 15,000 words.
    2. Must be a complete short story with beginning, middle and end.
  2. Previews
    1. Must be 10% or less of the finished product or less than 15,000 words, whichever is less.
    2. Complete title must be available for pre-order or sale at the time of submission or submitter must specify when it will be available for pre-order (must be prior to publication of the issue).
  3. Related Content
    1. Must be greater than 300 words but less than 5,000 words.
    2. Must be related to science fantasy.
    3. Can fall into any of the following sub-categories:
      1. Book reviews (either print or audio)
      2. Movie reviews
      3. Television series reviews (not individual episodes – season review or greater)
      4. Video game reviews
      5. Author interviews

Submitter Bio

Submitter must submit a biography in third person that will be placed at the end of their submission if it is accepted for publication. It should include a brief introduction to the submitter and one or two links to where the submitter can be found on the Internet.

Please keep biographies under 300 words.

Submission Review Process

SciFan™ Magazine will review all submissions received. Submissions are due no later that the 10th day of the preceding month of the Quarterly LitRPG-exclusive editon. These issues will be in Janary, April, July, and October. Please allow a 3-6 week reading period before inquiring.

SciFan™ Magazine reserves the right to reject any and all content received and makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding automatic acceptance of content. However, below are general guidelines the editors at SciFan™ Magazine use:

For Short Stories and Sample Previews:

Each LitRPG entry will be judged according to the following levels. Level 1 takes precedent over Level 2 and Level 3, but is not the only factor.

  1. Enlightened SciFan™: LitRPG stories that incorporate Science Fantasy elements – magical or paranormal properties are fused with technology in order to manipulate and magnify the magic.
  2. Standard SciFan™: LitRPG stories that incorporate Science Fantasy elements – magic is fused with technology, but not necessarily in a coherent sense.
  3. Soft SciFan™: LitRPG stories that incorporate Science Fantasy elements – magic and technology are merely present in the same realm.
  4. No SciFan™: Hard LitRPG stories without any elements of Science Fantasy.

In addition to the level of fusion of magic and technology, the editors of SciFan™ Magazine look for the following things:

  • Should jump right into the middle of a scene to grab reader attention
  • Should be fast-paced to keep reader attention.
  • No opening backstory. These are meant to be short stories.
  • Must be engaging. It needs to be able to engage readers.

For Related Content:

  • Reviews should be engaging and informative but without blatant spoilers.
  • Author interviews should be conducted in a professional manner.

Formatting & Editing

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or a Microsoft Word-compatible document type. The content should be double spaced in 12 point or larger font of a serif (like Times New Roman) font type.

Submissions should be self-edited and generally error-free. The prose should be tight and the plot intriguing. SciFan™ Magazine reserves the right to perform edits of grammar and spelling upon acceptance but will not materially change the content of submissions.

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous submissions are accepted however please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere


Submitters of short stories certify their content is exclusive (never before published online or no longer available online). Once accepted, SciFan™ Magazine will publish the short story in an issue of SciFan™ Magazine within one year of the date of acceptance (see Publishing Rights below). Once the short story is published in SciFan™ Magazine, SciFan™ Magazine obtains six months exclusivity from date of publication.

Publishing Rights

By submitting to SciFan™ Magazine, submitters grant permission for their short story to be, if accepted, included in an upcoming issue of SciFan™ Magazine up to one year after date of acceptance. SciFan™ Magazine also retains the right to include the submitter’s short story in future anthologies or collections of SciFan™ Magazine issues into a larger compilation.

Submitters retain all legal rights to their content. SciFan™ Magazine does not take ownership of publishing rights by accepting submissions.

Step One: Fill out the Google Form


Step Two: Submit Your Files

Below is an email submission link to

Please send the following:

  1. Your Short Story or Preview
  2. A High-Quality image of your cover (if applicable)
  3. Any Promotional Images you wish to include
    • A professional picture of yourself
    • A promotional image of your other works
  4. All necessary links for promo images