Space Opera

Space Opera is loosely defined as Science Fiction in space that doesn’t really follow the established laws of physics or how big space would be. Generally there is a lot of space traveling because the author can hand wave away the pesky notion that space is big. Like, really big. Check out our list of stories below!


by Dayne Edmondson

Aliens invade our galaxy and only one human fleet stands in their way. They must use every trick in their arsenal to try to prevent the destruction of humanity.








by Nicole Luttrell

Station 86 is shocked when a Khloe assassin begins killing members of the all powerful council. Officer Sennett Montgomery and Councilman Godfrey Anders swear to find the assassin after Godfrey’s wife is falsely accused. But the killer, and the council itself, are not what they seem. Neither, as it turns out, is Sennett’s daughter.


You Can’t Trust The AI:51ewg26J18L._SY346_
Book 2 of Station 86

by Nicole Luttrell

Sennett, Godfrey and the rest of Station 86 are trying to put their society back in order after the Core attack. Then a mysterious ship from a dying station arrives, bringing artificially intelligent robotic, murderous dogs.

Godfrey, Mason and April must get to the hospital safely, while Sennett is trying to protect Marshal’s Joy and Howard. But the AI dogs are nothing compared to the terrors they left behind on their own station.


The Secret King: Lethao

by Dawn Chapman

Kendro, King of the Aonise, can do nothing to prevent their sun from collapsing, consuming their home planet Letháo

in a single fiery blast. Running out of time and options, he evacuates the entire population, setting off into the unknown galaxy in four crowded ships. Under constant danger from their ancient enemy, the Zefron, treasonous dissent seeps into his inner circle. Threatened inside and out, Kendro struggles with whom to trust, until a mysterious vision finally bri

ngs hope to the distraught King. A new home awaits the Aonise, if Kendro can only unite them long enough to survive the journey.

61Ezt7EJlhLThe Secret King: First Contact

by Dawn Chapman

With their journey from planet Letháo fraught with peril, the Aonise finally arrive at what they hope will be a new home. Earth offers a new start for the displaced race, and Kendro, King of the Aonise, desperately seeks a peaceful end to their voyage. However, once they make first contact, not all is as expected. Some humans are not as welcoming to the alien species, and their resettlement onto Earth is faced with resistance from splinter groups determined to drive the Aonise away from their planet. Coupled with internal strife, can Kendro appease all, or will greater misfortunes come to pass?

51Hz-d8f7PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Rites of Heirdron

by Newland Moon

They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother. Now, they’re coming for him. A bastard prince, born to a dishonored queen, Zrahnz is the last hope of a dying world nearly decimated after a treacherous interplanetary betrayal. As he struggles to reclaim his legitimacy as a ruler, a debilitating malady threatens his sanity and his life. If he cannot save himself, his planet will succumb to the corrupt intergalactic alliances aligned against them. With Q-1 Raydren at his side, and with the influence of the Oracles, he discovers corrupted truths and a forgotten prophecy. But he must make a crucial, life-saving decision, or else his people and everyone he loves could be destroyed When an Earth-born visitor arrives, Zrahnz discovers that she possess an integral element that can ease the devastating agony of his illness. Could she be the key to his survival and the future of Triaxeyn? He was denied his rule, denied his birthright, and denied the one truth that would save his life. He wasn’t supposed to survive, he wasn’t supposed to fight, and he wasn’t supposed to receive, the RITES OF HEIRDRON

The Syker Key513KXx7KJ4L._SX260_

by Aaron Martin Fransen

An ancient crystal, powerful, lost with Atlantis, has been found again. A wizard named Pan Syker must protect it, or Earth will fall into darkness.


The Wielders of Arantha – Book 1

by Patrick Hodges

Seven hundred years in the future, Earth has been invaded by the Jegg, a powerful alien race. Half of the Terran Confederation has been wiped out. In a hidden base under the Sahara desert, a team of scientists is working to mount a resistance against the invaders. Their plan is to fit an Earth ship with Jegg folding-space technology and travel to the other side of the galaxy, where a mysterious energy source is believed to exist… an energy source that could help them defeat the Jegg. But just before departure, catastrophe strikes. Only two of the crew survive and make it to their destination: the team leader’s wife Maeve, and her teenage son Davin. What they find on the distant planet will forever change both the future of their family and their planet, as they enter a race against time… and against seemingly impossible odds.

51WgWPpp0pL._SY346_Divided Serenity:
Divided World – Book One

by G.L. Cromarty

Ten years have passed since John Tanis tried to kill his best friend. Not finishing the job is his only regret. Where the primitive meets technology, the past meets the present, and former friends become enemies, a quest for revenge will tear a world apart.


by Eva Caye

Lieutenant Princess Brielle Sinclair uses her secret ability to detect stelluric currents to help her sophomore chemistry lab partner, Lord Zak Ellison, escape from a disastrous deep-cover assignment on Venturi. They then must figure out what energetic influence is blocking all communications from her ship. Brielle mentally develops her ability, and her professional capabilities as a future senior officer, while combating a mysterious stelluric being they’ve been calling the ‘hellbeast’!



by Eva Caye

Prince Matthieu Sinclair, the Heir Second, has many duties; he must not only take space duty in the Service, he also establishes the Imperial Protocol Academy to educate the multitude of Imperial youngsters in the basics of their lifestyle, since he will be the Emperor of their generation. Yet to find a lady who could withstand the pressures of being his Empress is a formidable task! When he returns from an undercover assignment to find disaster, Matthieu subsumes his needs to minimize the stress on his family, for they are more important than anything else. Yet when a diplomatic mission goes wrong and his strongest role model dies, who will help him cope with the tragedy?

Escape From Zulaire51rPNIfqoaL._SY346_

by Veronica Scott

Andi Markriss hasn’t exactly enjoyed being the house guest of the planetary high-lord, but her company sent her to represent them at a political wedding. When hotshot space marine Captain Tom Deverane barges in on the night of the biggest social event of the summer, Andi isn’t about to offend her high-ranking host on Deverane’s say-so—no matter how sexy he is, or how much he believes they need to leave now. Deverane was thinking about how to spend his retirement bonus when HQ assigned him one last mission: rescue a civilian woman stranded on a planet on the verge of civil war. Someone has pulled some serious strings to get her plucked out of the hot zone. Deverane’s never met anyone so hard-headed—or so appealing. Suddenly his mission to protect this one woman has become more than just mere orders. That mission proves more dangerous than he expected when rebel fighters attack the village and raze it to the ground. Deverane escapes with Andi–barely. On their hazardous journey through the wilderness, Andi finds herself fighting her uncomfortable attraction to the gallant and courageous captain. But Deverane’s not the type to settle down, and running for one’s life doesn’t leave much time for romance. Then Andi is captured by the rebel fighters, but Deverane has discovered that Zulaire’s so-called civil war is part of a terrifying alien race’s attempt to subjugate the entire Sector. If he pushes on to the capitol, Andi will die. Deverane must decide whether to save the woman he loves, or sacrifice her to save Zulaire.

516sxYz8d9L._SY346_The Bacchi

by Belinda McBride

Related Titles: Belle Starr; An Uncommon Whore; and When I Fall Genre: LGBT Futuristic Science Fiction/Fantasy Awards: Winner of 2013 EPIC in Science Fiction Romance The Bacchi Lefi Dhrahn lives a life of luxury and decadence, but is tortured by memories of a lost love. He survives the pain by surrounding himself with sex, beauty, and all forms of self-indulgence. When he meets the alluring Inspector Afton Teris, Lefi believes the detective will make a very nice addition to his string of conquests. Afton Teris is a Valoran hermaphrodite, and like all members of his species, is stern, cerebral and disapproves of the frivolous prostitute. Afton orients as a male, but the beautiful Lefi Dhrahn stirs him sexually, making him question everything he knows about himself. To further confuse his emotions, Afton finds himself tempted by the forbidden pleasures surrounding the Bacchi. When a kidnapping ring strikes close to home, the two go undercover on a brothel barge to investigate a slavery operation. There, Lefi is confronted by painful memories from his past, while Afton is faced with a horror that threatens his future, and perhaps his very life. Their survival lies with one another, but only if Lefi can set aside his pain and listen to his heart.

An Uncommon Whore51R0sluI7FL._SY346_

by Belinda McBride

“As a general rule, you won’t find the love of your life while you’re on your knees under a table.” — Helios Dayspring Pasha is a slave, whoring for travelers at the most dangerous bar on Warlan. He has no memory, no future of his own, yet deep inside Pasha knows that that he is meant for better things. The day that Pasha spots the dangerous pirate in the bar, he knows that he mustn’t let the stranger slip away, regardless of what he must do to attract his attention. Captain Griffin Hawke spent the greater part of a decade searching for his lost king, only to find Helios Dayspring crouched between his knees, swathed in the robes and shackles of a whore. Though he is appalled by the downfall of his king, the hardened officer finds himself falling for the allure of the sensual creature who has taken his place. Returning Helios to his position on the throne is the only right thing to do, yet Griffin knows that in doing so, he risks losing his lover forever. “A whore is a whore is a whore, unless he’s something else completely. I guess I must be an uncommon whore.” — Helios Dayspring

41gEBFJtkEL._SY346_Planet Woman

by Judith Rook

Lewis Brock, First Peer of the ancient Haute-Forêt family on the planet of First Home, has been used to having his own way, so far as women are concerned. But when he is sent as envoy to a reclusive planet called Circe he meets a woman who resists him. Tethyn Claibrook-Merjolaine lives her own vital and useful life on the planet she loves, and plans never to leave, but although she clings fiercely to her independence, the appearance of the intriguing and commanding man disturbs her happy and comfortable existence. Tethyn must escort the envoy and his entourage on an expedition to her hidden family home, where he will encounter the planet herself, see some of her powers and learn about her past. Personal danger for Lewis arrives. An enemy has followed him from First Home, intent on seizing all of his power. But no-one intrudes on Circe without her say-so, and she can control affairs in deep space, if she has to.

Man of Two Planets51c78owcwAL._SY346_

by Judith Rook

Born on Circe, the strange and sentient planet, Borto is learning to be a guardsman on the neighbouring world of First Home. He finds life as a warrior difficult, especially since he is one of the very few people who carry within them a being from Circe’s darkness. Although the creature gives him great strength and unusual powers, he tries to suppress it. But finally, when Circe is in danger, Borto must accept that he has become a different man, facing a changed future.


Shiva XIV (The Series)

by Lyra Shanti

Prophecy rules, science rebels, and the fate of all depends on a boy named Ayn. Predestined to become the great messiah of his people, Ayn must save his galaxy from disease and war. But when an unknown enemy threatens everyone he loves, the destiny he thought was his spins out of control. A coming of age story amidst galactic turmoil, Shiva XIV has action, romance, mysticism, and magical creatures. Join Ayn and his friends as his journey to become a heroic legend unfolds!


by Pippa Jay

Abandoned. Hunted. Out of control. Gethyon Rees had always felt at odds with the universe, and hoped for an escape among the stars. But discovering he has the ability to cross time and space with just a thought brings more problems than it solves: a deadly bounty hunter who can follow him anywhere, the unwelcome return of Tarquin Secker—the mother who abandoned him—and an ancient darkness that seeks him and all those with his talents. When an unforgivable act sets him on the run, it’ll take more than his unearthly powers to save his skin and the lives of those he cares about. It’ll take a sacrifice he never expected to have to make. A science fiction adventure novel previously published by BURST (Champagne Books), and part of the Travellers Universe. A 2014 SFR Galaxy Award Winner for Most Awesome Psychic Talent and a 2015 EPIC eBook Awards finalist in the Science Fiction category. Also now includes the SF short story The Bones of the Sea.