SciFan Author Jared Fleming


Who are you?

I am Jared J. Fleming, a 17 year old writer who has recently joined the ranks of SciFan. Between my writing, school, and personal life, I hardly have much free time. I’m trying my best, and feel a little intimidated at times by SciFan, but the group’s done a good job at making me feel welcome.

What have you written?

Nothing large, though I am working on multiple projects right now, ranging from novellas to epics. The one I am currently working on that could be called science-fantasy is UMBRA, a cyberpunk story exploring a mixture of religious themes and transhumanism, two issues that are very close to be for very different reasons.

How does your story classify under the genre of Science Fantasy?

UMBRA is a science fantasy story, and a cyberpunk story. Despite the very high technology of the latter, its very easy to make the genre fantastical. Nanobots and fireballs go together rather well. In this case, the story obeys the cyberpunk trope of “high tech, low life,” following a group of genetically, mechanically, and magically augmented teenagers from the upper spires of a massive city as they go into the “bad part” of town…of course, that “bad part” happens to have eldritch monsters, mutants with multiple heads, nanobots that tear you apart cell by cell, and more.

What do you consider important in writing?

Diversity, and compassion. Given most of my stories are grim and dark, filled with all sorts of nasty things that are meant to edge closer and closer to horror, this may sound like an odd thing to consider important.Now, I don’t mean that you should write fluffy, happy stories all the time. God knows I don’t.

What do I mean by that, then? Well, it’s simple. If you write a diverse story, showing reality as it is, that is, full of people from every walk of life. And it’s important to people from groups that are minorities that they aren’t shown as caricatures of themselves. Showing people as people is important, above all else. Be compassionate, and realize that just because a character is gay, or black, or transgender, or some combination thereof, they are not defined by those traits. In my opinion, if a character is created, they should be made with as much complexity as the main character. After all, everyone has an entire life that isn’t shown, but exists anyways.

So, people who include token characters, or use minority characters to express the author’s own views on said minority, or something to that effect really don’t command much respect from me.

Where can you be reached on social media?

I can be treated on Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook. I also have a patreon.

Most of my writing is put on RoyalRoadOnline, and can be viewed there as well. This link specifically links to the story I mentioned above, UMBRA.